Mosaic Jazz Fellows

A 10-week mentorship programme that culminates in a live performance showcase.

Mosaic Jazz Fellows


About Mosaic Jazz Fellows 

Mosaic Jazz Fellows is an Esplanade mentorship initiative set up in 2010 to discover and nurture the next generation of young jazz talents in Singapore. To date, this programme has given a total of 82 young musicians the opportunity to be mentored by established Singapore jazz musicians and music educators. Alumni of the Mosaic Jazz Fellows continue to be active in the local jazz scene, with many becoming sought-after session musicians, leading jazz interest groups, and performing at clubs, events and music festivals, both local and overseas.


In this 12th edition of Mosaic Jazz Fellows, up to seven musicians will be selected to work with assigned instructor-mentors over a 10-week period, which will culminate in performances at Jazz in July 2024, Esplanade’s month-long celebration of jazz music. This year’s mentors are Chok Kerong and Joshua Wan. 


Open call details 

Deadline for registration of submission form: 2 Apr 2024, Tue, 5pm

Auditions: 7 Apr 2024, Sun, 2.30pm – 7.30pm at Esplanade.


Individuals selected to audition are required to perform two jazz standards, and will be assessed on their improvisation and sight-reading skills.


Fellowship sessions 

22 Apr: Pre-mentorship briefing 

April – July: 10 rehearsal sessions, held on Monday evenings from 7 – 10pm


Registration is closed.

Every July at Esplanade, the rich and varied genre of jazz takes the spotlight at Jazz in July. Artists from Singapore and around the region perform an array of swinging rhythms, soulful improvisations and infectious grooves, while the ever-growing community of audiences can expect to explore the roots of jazz and discover new horizons.

All Mosaic Jazz Fellows are 


  • Proficient in playing and performing at least one musical instrument (e.g. piano, drums, bass, brass, woodwinds, percussion, voice) of their choice. 

  • Able to sight-read reasonably well. 

  • Passionate about music by jazz masters: Louis Armstrong, Dexter Gordon, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Sarah Vaughan, Count Basie, Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, Bud Powell, Dizzy Gillespie, Horace Silver, Wes Montgomery, etc. 

  • Responsible and fully committed to the mentorship programme. He/she will attend all rehearsals, performances and any other festival events as required. 


Mosaic Jazz Fellows programme will entail: 


  • Attending a pre-mentorship briefing session before the sessions in April. 

  • Attending a minimum of 10 rehearsal sessions (sectional and ensemble playing) from April to July 2024 with our core instructor-mentors, Joshua Wan and Chok Kerong. Practice sessions will be held on Monday evenings, 7pm – 10pm

  • An individual lesson with a mentor for your main instrument

  • One performance in Jazz in July at the Esplanade Concourse.


The programme content and overall structure is adjusted to ensure that the mentee batch receives exactly what they require to improve and grow as a jazz musician for the years ahead. Depending on the level of the overall batch, it could either focus on the basics or advance level of jazz. 


The above is fully subsidised by Esplanade to allow all selected participants to attend the lessons, rehearsals, workshops and concerts for free. In return, the programme seeks complete commitment and dedication from each participant to ensure a meaningful experience. Attendance will be taken at each session and failure to achieve an 80% attendance rate can result in expulsion from the programme. 


As spaces in this program are limited, we encourage successful applicants to treat this opportunity with the respect and commitment it deserves. Each space filled by someone who can't fully participate could prevent another deserving musician from benefiting. Applying for the audition constitutes your agreement to the above terms. 

Auditions will be held at Esplanade on 7 Apr 2024, Sunday between 2.30pm – 7.30pm. A piano, drum set, bass and guitar amps, and a vocal microphone will be provided for those who need them. Otherwise, please bring your own music instruments to the audition.


All audition candidates are required to prepare the following:

1. One of the following jazz standards according to their instrument. Drummers are expected to interpret the melody on the drum-set.




Choice of Jazz Standard

Guitar (unaccompanied)

  • D-Natural Blues (Wes Montgomery); or 

  • The Trick Bag (Wes Montgomery)

Vocals (unaccompanied)

  • If You Could See Me Now (Tadd Dameron); or 

  • Lush Life (Billy Strayhorn); or 

  • Midnight Sun (Lionel Hampton and Sonny Burke)

Woodwinds / Brass / Piano (unaccompanied)

  • Moose the Mooche (Charlie Parker); or 

  • Anthropology (Charlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie); or 

  • Donna Lee (Charlie Parker)

 Bass (unaccompanied)

  • Tricotism (Oscar Pettiford); or 

  • Moose the Mooche (Charlie Parker); or 

  • Anthropology (Charlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie); or 

  • Donna Lee (Charlie Parker)


  • Stablemates (Benny Golson): accompany a soloist (provided) for two choruses, and solo for at least two choruses unaccompanied



2. An assessment on sight-reading and improvisational skills.


3. A jazz standard of his/her choice of no more than five minutes. Candidates shall be accompanied by a live rhythm section. An improvised solo should be included.


How do we select? 

  • The selection panel will comprise of the instructor-mentors, as well as members of the Esplanade programming team. 

  • All candidates will be assessed on performance proficiency, sight-reading skills, and enthusiasm for the programme, as demonstrated during the audition. Candidates are expected to show an understanding of song choices, and may be asked to discuss various aspects of them, including but not limited to harmony, melody, lyrics etc. 

  • Any, and all decisions made by the selection panel are final. 


When will I know if I’m selected for the programme? 

All applicants will be notified via email if they have been selected by 17 Apr 2024, Wed


How do I apply for the audition? 

Please complete the online application form at:


Deadline for registration submission is 2 Apr 2024, Tue, 5pm. Incomplete forms will not be accepted. 


Who can I contact for more information? 

Should you have any questions, please email or call us at 6828 8308. 


About the core instructor-mentors


Chok Kerong 

Chok Kerong has established himself as one of Singapore’s most versatile talents. Traversing the worlds of straight-ahead jazz and the numerous genres under the umbrella of popular music with equal aplomb, he has distinguished himself as a swinging, harmonically inventive pianist and organist, and is also emerging as a composer of extraordinary clarity and depth. Chok’s compositions and arrangements have been performed by luminaries like Jeremy Monteiro, Rani Singam, the T’ang Quartet, the Singapore Wind Symphony, and his own chamber ensemble ELEVEN.


An active educator, Chok is the Music Director of the National University of Singapore Jazz Band, and is an instructor at LASALLE College of the Arts and School of the Arts (SOTA). He also mentors young jazz musicians as part of the Esplanade’s Mosaic Jazz Fellows programme.


Chok is a Mosaic Associate Artist, whom Esplanade has committed to providing tailored, intensive support. 


Joshua Wan 

Joshua Wan has been in the Singapore music scene since 1990. He is an educator at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore Polytechnic and NTU, and writes and performs music with his band The Steve McQueens, featuring singer Eugenia Yip, bassist Jase Sng and drummer Aaron James Lee. 

What is jazz? Jazz is Freedom. Fun. Romantic. Dirty. Classy. Soothing.

And that’s what Jazz in July is about—a flavour of jazz for everyone! Featuring performances and workshops suitable for jazz lovers and those who are curious about jazz, the month-long festival digs into the freshest grooves of leading jazz cats from Singapore and abroad.

Jazz is Life.

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