If you would like to spread your love for the arts, this is one way to get started. At Esplanade, there are many opportunities for you to make a difference in the community through the arts and create meaningful experiences for everyone. Be an Esplanade Volunteer today.

Volunteering Opportunities

As an Esplanade Volunteer, you'll be involved in any of these four volunteer categories.

With events and activities happening all year round, we welcome as much support as we can get to provide a warm and positive experience for all visitors to Esplanade. Volunteer roles include:

  • Welcoming, guiding and assisting patrons at Esplanade
  • Supporting our front-of-house team

Being a festival volunteer offers you a chance to pick up new skills, make some friends and observe the ins and outs of what goes on behind the scenes of a festival.  Volunteer roles include:

  • Providing administrative or programme support, such as facilitating arts activities or workshops
  • Providing feedback as trial audience
  • Being an online festival advocate

Every year, we host thousands of guests from over 160 Social Service Agencies (SSAs) to performances here at Esplanade. We also conduct about 150 arts-based workshops at these SSAs throughout the year. Volunteer roles include:

  • Guiding and assisting our hosted guests of all ages, including persons with disabilities and diverse needs
  • Supporting participants in our community engagement programmes

Share your talent, expertise, or knowledge with us to support our programmes and capability development initiatives. Volunteer roles include:

  • Volunteering as artists for our When Music Meets Life programme
  • Supporting selected programmes with your technical or emceeing skills
  • Being a guest speaker for selected topics
  • Participating in focus groups

Esplanade is a not-for-profit arts centre and a registered charity. Your support as an Esplanade Volunteer will help us make a difference to the communities that we reach out to.


Contact us at engage@esplanade.com.

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