The Next Stage

We’re turning 15! And still growing

We’re moving into our next phase of growth as an arts centre, while building on the work we’ve done in the past decade and a half.

And this means we’ll be…

  • Creating more opportunities for seniors, disadvantaged youth, children and people with special needs to experience the arts.
  • Growing the next generation of artists and audiences through new programmes for students and young talents.
  • Devising more ways to support budding artists and hone artistic talents.
  • Commissioning and producing more made-in-Singapore works.

Esplanade is a project that embodies what is deep in us as Singaporeans. We are an open city—multiracial, multicultural—we’re a universe in a dewdrop. And I really appreciate how the spaces here at Esplanade always seem to be happy. George Yeo, former Minister for Information and the Arts

All this begins with a new stage—literally.

It’ll be a new building along Esplanade’s waterfront that houses a theatre with at least 550 seats! It will be flexible in both stage and seating layout. Construction is targeted to begin in 2019 and for the venue to be operating in 2021.

We’ve appointed a Multidisciplinary Team of consultants to develop and construct this new theatre. The Team is led by an established Singapore architectural firm, architects61 and comprises one of the world’s leading theatre, acoustics and digital design consultancy firm, Charcoalblue (UK, USA and Australia). For more information, please download the press release.

For more information about the new waterfront theatre, please download the press release.

Why this and why now?

Feeding curiosity & inspiring the young

There’s opportunity for us to reach even more schools and students. This new space is an additional platform for us to work closely with artists and arts groups to nurture in our future generation empathy, creativity and a relationship with the arts.

Spurring artists on their paths to better works

Many community, youth and arts groups have done well in small venues and are ready for larger platforms. But going from 200-seat venues to a 2,000-seat theatre is too big a step for most so this is where a 550-seat theatre can do its part for artists.

More original stories and works from Singapore & Asia

Many of the commissioned or produced works at Esplanade have done well and even gone on to be performed overseas. We want to scale up these works and continue to create new productions through a 550-seat venue for greater impact. Moreover, a majority of new works created regionally and internationally are made for medium-sized venues like the one we’re building. This means audiences in Singapore will also get to experience more inspiring performances from around the world.

The arts needs more space

Existing theatres that seat around 500 in Singapore are mostly for hire. A programmed space at Esplanade can actively produce and present works critical to the growth of the arts industry.

Did you know the Esplanade is a not-for-profit organisation? What’s more, it’s a registered charity with a social mission — to harness the power of the arts to transform lives. The A-List, 26 Jan 2017