All you need to know about the Esplanade&Me membership.

Be an Esplanade&Me member

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Great arts experiences begin with Esplanade&Me. Get access to priority booking, save on your tickets and enjoy promotions at Esplanade Mall and with our partners.

Membership tiers

Level up when you accumulate your spend on tickets and at Esplanade Mall.

Image of Esplanade&Me Discover membership card

Everybody has to start somewhere. Discover is a free membership for anyone from anywhere (or any time).

  • Priority booking

  • Limited ticket specials to selected events

  • Invitations to member-only events

  • Promotions at Esplanade Mall


Image of Esplanade&Me White membership card

Make it White. Spend $500 on tickets and at Esplanade Mall in a year to enjoy 10% off selected events at Esplanade or join at an annual fee of $50.

  • Priority booking

  • Early bird specials

  • 10% off selected events

  • Invitations to member-only events

  • Promotions at Esplanade Mall

Image of Esplanade&Me Black membership card

Make it Black. Spend $1000 on tickets and at Esplanade Mall in a year to enjoy 15% off selected events at Esplanade. Accumulate your spend to reach this tier.

  • Priority booking

  • Early bird specials

  • 15% off selected events

  • 10% off parking at Esplanade

  • Invitations to member-only events

  • Promotions at Esplanade Mall

Member badges

Add badges to your profile to enjoy more benefits.

Image of PIP’s Club badge

Add your child (12 years and under) in your profile to get a PIP’s Club badge. You’ll have access to family packages on selected events and workshops.

Image of U26 badge

If you are between the ages 17 and 26, you’ll get a U26 badge. You’ll be able to enjoy promotions on selected events and more.

Image of JOYears badge

Those 55 and above receive a JOYears badge that gives you access to senior concessions on selected shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

We only track the amount spent on events held at Esplanade that are ticketed through SISTIC, excluding SISTIC booking fee and other processing fees. Your spend is captured only after you have signed up as a member, on purchases made with your Esplanade&Me account, through the following: or, at Esplanade Box Office or SISTIC authorised agents.


Tickets to events sold on platforms that are not ticketed by SISTIC will not be counted into your total ticketing spend.


From 9 Mar 2023, your spend at Esplanade Mall will count towards your total accumulated spend required to maintain your membership tier or upgrade to the next tier. You must take a photo of and upload your receipt(s) in your profile for the amount to be tracked.

No. You can log in to your Esplanade&Me account using your SISTIC account details (email address and password). Follow the instructions and complete the form to become an Esplanade&Me Discover member. Esplanade’s ticketing system is supported by SISTIC and your membership account will be synced with your SISTIC account to facilitate ticket purchases. Log in to this account whenever you purchase tickets to events at Esplanade so that you can accumulate your ticketing spend.

Your membership will be renewed automatically when you meet the minimum spend amount required. If you are at the Discover tier, you don’t have to renew your membership as it doesn’t expire.

A PIP’s Club badge is added to your profile when you add a child under 12 into your personal details. You can add more than 1 child into your profile.


When you update your profile with your date of birth, a U26 badge added automatically if you are 17 to 26 years old. A JOYears badge is added automatically if you are 55 years and above.

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