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Using the biological nervous system as a metaphor for society, The Studios 2022 is centered on the concept of collective care, exploring themes of family, love, mental health, ageing and grief. Join the conversation and perceive new ways of living and relating to one another.

About The Studios 2022

The Studios 2022 is very much influenced by the circumstances of the recent past. What is our place in this strange “new” world that feels so familiar?

In mulling over this question, we found the biological nervous system to be a fitting metaphor. Much like the way our nervous systems respond to environmental externalities by exchanging information, enabling each organ to perform its function, society is a network of inextricably linked individuals who work together. These attempts to make connections and commune with one another determine our individual and collective successes. 

Inevitably, however, system overloads occur. During such moments, we find ourselves reaching for coping mechanisms instead of solutions that require constant, concerted effort: care for oneself and more importantly, care for one other. The concept of collective care proposes that the well-being of an individual or community is the shared responsibility of all who belong to it. Theatre, as a communal experience, can be construed as an act of collective care—it certainly serves as an entry point for conversations about family, love, mental health, grief, ageing, care and healing.

In this season, we invite everyone to be intentional in this exploration of ways in which we may better care for ourselves and others. It is our hope that these programmes help you perceive refreshing new ways of living and relating.





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