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After 21 years of serving The Esplanade Co Ltd, first as a Board Member since 2003 and as its Chairman from January 2015, Lee Tzu Yang will be stepping down on 31 Mar 2024. Lim Ming Yan, current Deputy Chairman of Esplanade and Chairman of the Singapore Business Federation, will assume chairmanship from 1 Apr 2024. During his tenure as Chairman, Mr Lee supported the accomplishment of key milestones of Esplanade. These included the successful conceptualisation and completion of the new Singtel Waterfront Theatre; Esplanade’s transformation as a digital performing arts centre which leverages on technology to bring its programmes to wider audiences and communities; the deepening of Esplanade’s role in developing industry capabilities through the new Esplanade Academy, as well as getting the organisation back on track post-pandemic. He has effectively led the Board, and continuously encouraged constructive discussions and contributions from Board Members throughout these times.

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay celebrates A Tapestry of Sacred Music this year from 12 – 14 Apr 2024. For the festival’s 15th edition, we hope to transport audiences to another realm, transforming our performance venues into the vibrant landscapes of grasslands, the serenity of temples, or the awe-inspiring ambience of churches, allowing them to experience performances as if they're truly there. These include the throat singers of Tuva Huun-Huur-Tu and UNESCO Artist for Peace Kudsi Erguner who leads a Sufi music ensemble comprising two prominent Turkish Islamic vocalists, Imams Bekir Büyükbaş and Yunus Balcıoğlu. Our Forecourt Garden will be transformed into a Balinese temple stage, where traditional Balinese performers will showcase the heritage artforms such as Wayang Wong, Calon Arang, and the iconic kecak chants with performers seated in concentric circles. Over at the Concert Hall, we welcome vocalist and internet phenomenon Callie Day for a gospel music performance, as well as Singapore’s only Gregorian chant ensemble Schola Cantorum Sancti Gregorii Magni who perform with the venue’s acoustics adjusted to replicate that of a cathedral.

Embark on a journey through the captivating landscapes of the Nusantara, where tradition and folklore meet contemporary creativity in a harmonious dance, at the 23rd edition of Pesta Raya – Malay Festival of Arts, presented by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay. Revisit tales that transcend time in two newly-commissioned works: Teater Ekamatra's reimagination of a well-known folktale, Bawang Putih Bawang Merah, their first work produced for the mid-sized Singtel Waterfront Theatre; and Samsara by film auteur Garin Nugroho, a “cine-concert” that marries a vibrant, live electronic music soundscape with traditional Balinese performance elements. In Hidup Pop Yeh Yeh! (Long Live Pop Yeh Yeh!), pioneering and younger artists celebrate the legacy of a beloved music genre. In Dangdut Koplo Extravaganza!, be enthralled by two of Indonesia’s most promising dangdut performers, Ochi Alvira and Syahiba Saufa. Also check out Jalan Raya, a performance-installation by Zarina Muhammad, inspired by annual Hari Raya visits.

Flipside is all about finding humour and connection in the everyday, and this year, as the festival presented by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay unfolds from 31 May to 9 June 2024, we pay homage to the ordinary object. In Stars in Our Eyes: Star Show (France), tin cans, tangled wire and kitchen tiles form the obstacles in a treacherous journey of an astronaut, while in Ta Lent Show (Thailand), a cushion, slipper and wastepaper bin tell poignant stories of nature and human relationships. Big Mob (Australia/UK) features larger-than-life slinkies that will pop up along the Esplanade Waterfront. In The Distraction (Australia), object manipulation, physical humour, live cameras and green screens collide. Equally “distracted”, are the robot vacuum cleaners in Stars in Our Eyes: Love of Risk (France). One Two, One Two (South Korea) takes the rola bola to the next level in a story of compromise and balance between friends. In Thingamabob (UK), self-made slings and pulley systems form the backdrop of an absurd quest to find the hardest way to juggle. 

da:ns focus – EveryBody by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay is an inclusive weekend (19 – 21 Apr) of dance, challenging the conventional idea of a dancing body and redefining what is possible in dance and in life. We hope that this second edition of EveryBody will bring new perspectives on what it means to dance, and what it means to be human. The Running Show by Monica Bill Barnes & Company is an enlightening dance-theatre performance that speaks to the community and humanity of dance. It will activate a large cast of Singapore dancers, ranging in age from 12 to over 70 years old. Australia’s leading inclusive dance company, Restless Dance Theatre, presents Listen to See, an intimate experience of discovery where the company’s dancers invite audiences to share moments of connection through short dance exchanges. EveryBody also brings back a range of participatory programmes, such as EveryBody workshops for beginners of all ages and 13 short dance-along sessions in EveryBody Dance Now. Join us at EveryBody for a line-up featuring 17 different performances, experiences, workshops and dance-along sessions, and discover fresh perspectives on dance, art and life.

March On, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay’s children’s festival returns from 6 – 17 Mar 2024. In its fourth edition, the festival presents specially commissioned immersive experiences by homegrown companies as well as international co-productions and presentations exploring the themes of home, adventure and coming of age.

You're invited to an unforgettable experience in the arts at Huayi – Chinese Festival of Arts, which will run from 16 – 25 Feb 2024 at Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay. In Everything For You, our commission with Singapore theatre company Nine Years Theatre, witness how family ties provide much needed comic relief and unexpected support in life’s seemingly insurmountable problems. Fans of Cantonese opera must not miss Woman Warrior: Mu Gui Ying and The Sassy Princess which feature veteran Hong Kong actress and actor, Liza Wang and Law Ka-ying. Revel in the elegance and charm of the traditional pingtan art form with the Shanghai Pingtan Troupe and get to know The Four Beauties of ancient China. Co-commissioned and co-produced by Esplanade and National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts Weiwuying, Dance a Dance from My Body explores the similarities and differences of port cities Singapore and Taiwan’s Kaohsiung through the mesmerising language of dance. With many concerts featuring artists such as waa wei of Taiwan, WUTIAOREN from China, music lovers are in for an aural and experiential treat at Huayi 2024 too.

华艺引领鲤鱼跃龙门 🐉,爆竹迎新岁!


Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay presents its first edition of Ballet by the Bay, a ballet lovers’ weekend of classics and neo-classical works, from 22 – 24 Mar 2024. Ballet by the Bay will take place annually as part of da:ns focus, our year-round dance season comprising five themed weekends. In our Theatre, we will present Melissa Hamilton's International Ballet Stars Gala, our first live performance featuring international ballet stars in almost five years. Eight star dancers from the world’s top-tier ballet companies such as The Royal Ballet and Stuttgart Ballet will perform with talented dancers from our own Singapore Ballet. At the DBS Foundation Outdoor Theatre, Singapore’s National Contemporary Ballet will make its Esplanade debut with Impermanence, a work choreographed by its founder and former principal dancer of Singapore Dance Theatre, Jeffrey Tan. There will also be a free programme at our Concourse stage on the opening day of the weekend for all to enjoy. More information will be released at a later date.

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay presents Voices – A Festival of Song from 7 – 10 Dec 2023, an annual music festival that covers a range of styles and genres, filling the centre with song. After 10 years of developing this festival, we step back to the basics to ask why we love to sing and why we continue to sing. This year’s line-up looks back at the repertoire and styles that evoked such inspiration, exploring music synonymous with the singing foundations that are by no means any less rich or any less excellent in their own regard. Some highlights to look out for are Die Singphoniker from Germany, who will show us the beauty of classical part-song singing, and London Community Gospel Choir from the UK who will deliver a charismatic gospel performance. From Singapore, we have Chroma who will exemplify how sacred polyphonic music of the Renaissance era has built strong groundings for ensemble singing, and Joyce Lee Tung and Cindy Honanta who will charm us with a gorgeous collection of Viennese opera arias from the Classical period, a must-sing for all young classical singers out there!

Get ready to experience the diverse facets of street dance and its culture over three days at FL/OW – The FULL OUT Weekend. Presented by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay as part of da:ns focus from 1 – 3 Dec 2023, FL/OW promises exciting performances, workshops, battles and parties! Singapore’s street dance scene is active and growing with a busy year-round calendar of events organised by local dance studios. Esplanade's launch of FL/OW as a biennial platform complements the existing vibrant scene by bringing focus to what street dance can be beyond the conventional. This year’s highlights include FULL OUT! 2023, a street dance showcase featuring iconic dance crews, Dance Mixtape, a triple bill featuring street dance theatre, a genre that emerged in the 1990s blending street dance with theatrical elements and structures and, comprising three electrifying nights of street dance showcases by Singapore choreographers and crews.

From 17 – 26 Nov 2023, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay’s Kalaa Utsavam – Indian Festival of Arts presents on-the-pulse explorations of culture and identity by some of India and Singapore’s best-known names in the performing arts, alongside exciting musicians and bands who have emerged in the last decade. Southeast Asia’s first Indian arts festival with a multi-genre focus will celebrate these talents as well as the power of stories and folklore in both traditional and contemporary contexts.

Singapore’s largest alternative music festival is back this year, bigger and better (and still free for all to enjoy)! Held from 6 – 8 Oct 2023, the 22nd edition of Baybeats is one not to be missed by music lovers as Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay presents an exciting line-up of homegrown and international acts, supported by new partnerships. Committed to celebrating and supporting the Singapore music community, Esplanade is privileged to be in partnership this year with two esteemed East Asian festivals, Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards and Festival (GMA) and Ear Up Music Festival from Hong Kong, helping to raise awareness of Singapore’s talents overseas and profile the festival internationally. Baybeats festival village returns this year too, offering festival goers a space to relax and recharge.

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay presents CAN – Connect Asia Now, a weekend dedicated to contemporary works by Asian dancemakers, from 13 – 15 Oct 2023. CAN will take place annually as part of da:ns focus, our year-round dance season comprising five themed weekends. One of the most acclaimed Asian contemporary dance companies in the world, TAO Dance Theater (China), makes a long-awaited return to Singapore with the Southeast Asian premiere of their latest works, 13 & 14. For the inaugural CAN, Esplanade is commissioning new works by two Southeast Asian female choreographers, Kornkarn Rungsawang (Thailand) and Melati Suryodarmo (Indonesia).

The Studios turns 20 this year and it will be expanding to include an additional performance venue, artists from a wider geography and companion programmes that enable deepened engagement with the artistic work and the issues raised. Our overarching theme for the next three years is Land. For 2023, we turn our lens inwards and examine our relationship with land under the specific theme of Landings. How much do we know about the land on which we reside? What does it mean to us, and to what extent do we understand what we are trying to protect or preserve, particularly in Singapore where urban re-development is analogous to progress? What is the cost of this progress and what do we give up or have we given up, in order to move ahead? Taking place from 28 Jul to 3 Sep 2023, the six productions and the companion programmes are a starting point to examine some of these complex questions.

DBS and Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay announced a strategic partnership, anchored by a common vision to help uplift the community and pave the way towards a more inclusive and socially-conscious Singapore. As part of the new partnership, DBS will donate SGD 3.5 million towards Esplanade, in support of the full range of free programmes that will be presented at its Outdoor Theatre every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and on public holidays. As such, the Outdoor Theatre, which has a seated and standing capacity of about 1,000 people, will be recognised as the DBS Foundation Outdoor Theatre at Esplanade for the next five years.

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay welcomes everyone to the 14th edition of A Tapestry of Sacred Music—a festival where we bring together practitioners of different faith communities in a sharing of their cultural expressions. Taking place from 28 Apr – 1 May 2023, this is a one-of-a-kind event in the region and presents rare access to music that is often cloistered within places of worship. And yet, because these musical practices are inspired by the concept of a higher power and refined over generations of devotional practice, they are also some of humankind’s most intriguing and moving expressions.

Flipside rambunctiously takes over Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay for 10 days of circus, comedy, physical theatre and puppetry. From 26 May to 4 Jun 2023, the festival presents a bumper crop of international artists from seven countries, performing alongside artists from Singapore. Puppetry takes centre stage with two theatre productions—Chimpanzee (USA) and Famous Puppet Death Scenes (Canada)—that debunk the idea that this art form is ‘just for kids’. Puppets appear outdoors along the Esplanade Waterfront too in the form of roving Seagulls (Australia). Flipside also celebrates the wonderfully imaginative world of circus, clowning, physical comedy and street arts performed by acrobats in Circus Park (Taiwan); street artists in My Dream (South Korea), Circus Olympics (South Korea) and Bakeke (France), as well as Kulu Orr who plays a quirky character in Control Freak (Israel). Flipside continues to be a key platform for Singapore’s circus and aerial arts community as we launch Circus Open Stage this year to feature ground circus practitioners performing short routines.

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay welcomes everyone to Pesta Raya – Malay Festival of Arts 2023 from 18 – 21 May 2023. One of the oldest art forms, storytelling preserves and shares memories, culture and tradition. Stories better connect us with the world we are in and are often lessons or a source of inspiration. In our 22nd edition of Pesta Raya, we celebrate and explore stories that keep the rich culture of the Nusantara alive.

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay brings audiences to the next level of appreciation for dance with da:ns focus—five weekends of dance programmes throughout the year, each focusing on a particular theme or genre. We kickstart the series with EveryBody (14 – 16 Apr 2023), focusing on works created with inclusivity and diversity in mind, followed by Body Language (5 – 7 May 2023) which shines the spotlight on the interplay between contemporary dance and text. We profile distinct voices and creative impulses from the region during CAN – Connect Asia Now (13 – 15 Oct 2023), and celebrate and explore Singapore’s vibrant and active street dance scene at FL/OW – The FULL OUT Weekend (1 – 3 Dec 2023) Lastly, Ballet by the Bay (Mar 2024) will enthral ballet lovers with world-class productions of classics and neo-classical works.

Since 2003, Esplanade's The Studios has established a reputation for presenting thought-provoking works and giving space for theatre-makers to explore different issues in a variety of forms. As The Studios season moves into its next decade of growth and with the recent opening of the new Singtel Waterfront Theatre at Esplanade, we wanted to explore new ideas. One of these possibilities is TRIP, a programme within The Studios that supports early-career directors by giving them opportunities, resources and a platform. Through connecting them with an experienced creative and technical team, and providing them with a professional venue, we create a safe and supportive environment for these directors. In consultation with our Resource Panel of experienced theatre professionals (Aidli ‘Alin’ Mosbit, Edith Podesta, Sean Tobin), we selected Sim Yan Ying “YY” and Renee Yeong as our directors for the inaugural edition for TRIP. In April 2023, YY will be directing No Particular Order by Joel Tan and Renee will be directing I am trying to say something true by Michelle Tan.

Taking place from 9 – 19 Mar 2023 over the school holidays, March On 2023—Esplanade’s annual arts festival for young audiences and their families—will feature three commissioned works that take on the theme of identity and how children navigate their environment. How do children see themselves and the community that supports them? How do they develop the strength to face challenges and difficulties? What is a safe space or environment to a child, and how is the community a part of it? These are some of the questions we hope to explore during the festival.

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay invites everyone to explore ways to discover new worlds, make memories and have a good laugh for a moment’s relief from the stresses of life at Huayi – Chinese Festival of Arts from 27 Jan – 5 Feb 2023. It has been close to three years since we last presented overseas artists physically at the festival and we warmly welcome them back. Huayi kicks off with ART, Godot Theatre Company of Taiwan’s humorous and thought-provoking adaptation of Yasmina Reza’s celebrated play. Travel with the famed Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan to the bustling Bangka district of its artistic director Cheng Tsung-lung’s Taipei childhood in 13 Tongues. Completing the eclectic music line-up are An Evening with Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Taiwanese indie darlings ANPU (formerly known as Deserts Chang), Accusefive and Elephant Gym.


由滨海艺术中心呈献的第21届华艺节将从2023年1月27日至2月5日,再次以一系列轻松而又不失冒险精神的精彩节目,带来顶尖华人艺术家的创意作品。距离上次呈现海外艺术家的现场演出已有三年之久了,非常开心能够再次欢迎他们的到来。为华艺节拉开序幕的是台湾果陀剧场改编自雅丝米娜• 雷札(Yasmina Reza)最广为人知的幽默喜剧《ART》。另外,跟随台湾著名舞团云门舞集,在《十三声》中穿越到艺术总监郑宗龙儿时在台北的那些年,感受艋舺的繁华热闹。强大的节目阵容还包括香港中乐团的《春颂》,台湾独立音乐人安溥(原艺名张悬)、告五人和大象体操带来的真诚演绎。

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay is proud to present the 10th edition of Voices – A Festival of Song, a celebration of vocal music to be held from 1 – 4 Dec 2022. The theme for the 10th edition is homecoming, which is a befitting one, as we welcome back old friends and regulars of the festival. Highlights include a new Christmas concert by The King’s Singers from UK, an A Cappella Gala featuring MICapella, 1023 and Acapellago from the Philippines, as well as performances by Rio SilaenVoices of Indonesia, L’arietta Productions, Sing’Theatre, Singapore Lyric Opera, Sugar Bees, LimTayPeng and the DJs from 96.3 Hao FM, and more. Voices 2022 features a diverse range of forms and styles of singing, from choral, opera and a cappella to pop, musical theatre and xinyao, and more. Over four days, almost every corner of Esplanade will come alive with the sound of the human voice.

Baybeats brings the best of alternative music from Singapore and beyond to everyone. From 28 – 30 Oct 2022, we welcome back regional acts and overseas collaborations at Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, as well as the strong online community to experience the raw energy of Baybeats. We are also happy to announce the return of the festival’s beloved Powerhouse stage—renamed Powerhouse2 at the new Singtel Waterfront Theatre at Esplanade. For the first time, we will be collaborating with Taiwanese music festival LUCfest at the Esplanade Annexe Studio. The 21st edition of Baybeats is filled with the long-awaited return of many of our favourite things. We can’t wait to have everyone back on our grounds, moshing, rocking out and simply having a good time.

Making sure that the arts is accessible to and embraced by diverse communities in Singapore, is always at the heart of Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay’s work. This October, as the centre celebrates its 20th anniversary, it will roll out a series of new accessibility features to welcome patrons of all ages and abilities.

Over the past two decades, Kalaa Utsavam – Indian Festival of Arts has been a champion for the Indian arts and this year from 18 – 27 Nov 2022, the festival builds on the relationships developed over the years with artists and arts groups, while also introducing new and exciting artists and art forms that audiences can look forward to. We are thrilled to welcome the return of international artists such as sitarist Anoushka Shankar, and newly co-produced works by Apsaras Arts, Bhaskar’s Arts Academy and playwright A Yagnya. Exciting and upcoming musicians, such as Punjabi outfit Band Walle, Tamil group D.N.S.V and a night of soul and R&B with singer-songwriter Shak’thiya will also feature at the festival.

Humans are creatures of habit. We fear changes that disturb our sense of self and our sense of belonging to a home or community. Yet we constantly crave the new. New tastes, sights, and experiences that excite and inspire us. These two contradictory impulses also underlie In New Light – A Season of Commissions as Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay marks its 20-year journey as an arts centre for everyone. Presented from 12 Oct to 31 Dec 2022, In New Light’s commissions celebrate 20 years of artistry and collaborations that have made Esplanade a home for the arts, and the arts an integral part of Singapore’s cultural identity and diverse communities. In New Light also presents new works and a new venue. In a world still experiencing the aftershocks of the pandemic and existential crises on ecological, technological and other fronts, these commissions hope to provide new lenses through which we can better question, heal, and ultimately, create our future.

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay’s 18th edition of Moonfest – A Mid-Autumn Celebration marks the occasion with a wide array of free performances of traditional Chinese arts and ticketed workshops for everyone to enjoy with their families and friends. In keeping with the festival’s objective to preserve traditions, Moonfest will present for the very first time, puppetry performances by Sin Hoe Ping, San Chun Long and Sin Ee Lye Heng performed in Henghua, Hainanese and Teochew respectively. There will also be xiqu performances featuring Cantonese Opera excerpts by the Chinese Theatre Circle and a getai concert infused with folk songs, Hokkien and Huangmei Opera. For those who enjoy a play on words, catch a witty crosstalk performance by the Young People’s Performing Arts Ensemble as well as storytelling in radio-play style by father-daughter duo Patrick and Jo Kwek. To push the boundaries of traditional arts, Teochew Opera artist Tan Wei Tian will be collaborating with electronic music producer evanturetime, and young nanyin artists from Siong Leng will team up with guitarist Sebastian Ho to breathe new life to traditional classics. This year, in addition to our parent-child and adult workshops, there will also be a grandparent-child workshop.

第十八届艺满中秋将在中秋节呈献一系列的免费华族传统艺术节目! 🌕🏮

滨海艺术中心第十八届艺满中秋将在中秋节这温馨的节日呈献一系列的免费华族传统艺术节目以及多项售票的学习坊,让大家与亲朋好友一同赏艺术、品中秋。艺满中秋一贯致力于延续传统,今年也不忘初心,首次推出新和平、三春隆和新怡梨兴的偶戏。他们将分别以兴化、海南和潮语演出,希望他们的这份热忱让你深受启迪。 同时,别错过敦煌剧坊带来经典的粤剧选段,以及串联民间好歌、福建戏和黄梅戏的歌台演唱会。为持续推动传统艺术的发展,潮剧新星陈纬恬将与电子音乐制作人evanturetime搭档,而湘灵音乐社的南音新秀们则与吉他手何维杰合作,为传统经典作品注入新鲜活力。另外,除了有适合大人以及亲子互动的学习坊之外,我们还增设了祖孙学习坊,让公公婆婆陪着孙子们一起同乐。希望大家在轻松温馨的环境下,不仅能学习和体验华族传统艺术,还能增进与家人的感情。