Esplanade&Me Discover is a free tier of the Esplanade&Me membership. Anyone can join and the membership doesn't expire. Esplanade&Me Discover members also enjoy ticket specials on selected shows, and can level up to Esplanade&Me White for free if the accumulated spend meets the requirements within one membership year.


You can also sign up for Esplanade&Me White at an annual fee of $50 and get 10% off tickets to selected shows at Esplanade.

You should not change your email on your own. Should there be a need to change your email address, please email us at

Your accumulated spend cannot be transferred to another membership account. To cancel the membership account registered using your previous email address, please write to

Esplanade's ticketing platform is supported by SISTIC and your Esplanade&Me membership account will be synced with your SISTIC account when you sign up. Remember to log in to your account whenever you buy tickets so that you can accumulate the amount that you spend on applicable programmes at Esplanade. If you meet the minimum spend after a year, you're automatically upgraded to the next membership tier. Otherwise, you remain at the same membership tier that you are at (for Esplanade&Me Discover) or revert to the Esplanade&Me Discover tier (for Esplanade&Me White/Black).

No, your Esplanade&Me membership account will not be updated. You have to update your Esplanade&Me account separately and vice versa.

You can level up based on your total accumulated spend on tickets in one year on events at Esplanade. You can have a PIP’s Club badge added to your profile if you have children under 12, a U26 badge added if you are 17 to 26 years old, and/or a JOYears badge, if you are 55 years and above.


Esplanade&Me Discover members can also level up by purchasing the Esplanade&Me White membership at $50 per year.

A PIP’s Club badge is added to your profile when you add a child under 12 into your personal details. You can add more than 1 child into your profile.


When you update your profile with your date of birth, a U26 badge added automatically if you are 17 to 26 years old. A JOYears badge is added automatically if you are 55 years and above.

You’ll need to accumulate your ticket spend to a minimum of $1,000 within one year from the date your membership began.

We only track the amount spent on events held at Esplanade that are ticketed through SISTIC, excluding SISTIC booking fee and other processing fees. Your spend is captured only after you have signed up as a member, on purchases made with your Esplanade&Me account, through the following: or, at Esplanade Box Office or SISTIC authorised agents.


Tickets to events sold on platforms that are not ticketed by SISTIC will not be counted into your total ticketing spend.

For new members

  • Esplanade&Me Discover membership doesn't expire.

  • Esplanade&Me White and Esplanade&Me Black memberships are valid for one year.

  • PIP’s Club badge: for every child 12 years old and under who is registered in your profile, and expires on a child's 13th birthday.

  • U26 badge: for ages 17 – 26, and expires on your 27th birthday.

  • JOYears badge: for all who are 55 years and above and doesn't expire.

Log in to your account to check. You should also receive an email from us three months before your membership expires.

No. You can log in to your Esplanade&Me account using your SISTIC account details (email address and password). Follow the instructions and complete the form to become an Esplanade&Me Discover member. Your membership account will be synced with your SISTIC account to facilitate ticket purchases. Log in to this account whenever you purchase tickets to events at Esplanade so that you can accumulate your ticketing spend.

Yes, of course!

No. The membership cannot be suspended or extended. It is not transferable and belongs to the named member only.

You don't have to sign up for another mailing list. Check the box to agree to receive information, important updates and/or promotions from Esplanade and you should receive the Esplanade&Me newsletters that contain information on priority booking and partner promotions. Add Esplanade&Me ( to your list of contacts so that Esplanade's emails don't end up in your spam folder.

Ticket specials

All ticketing specials and promotions will be reflected on respective event detail pages on Esplanade's website, or on SISTIC's website during ticket purchase. You can buy up to four tickets per production at Esplanade&Me prices where applicable, subject to availability.


  • Esplanade&Me Discover, PIP’s Club, U26 and JOYears: enjoy ticket specials on selected events at Esplanade.

  • Esplanade&Me White: receive up to 10% off on selected events at Esplanade.

  • Esplanade&Me Black: receive up to 15% off on selected events at Esplanade.

Log in to your Esplanade&Me membership account whenever you buy tickets online. The membership system registers your membership tier so you don't have to enter any promo codes. Three ways to buy tickets:


  • Log in to your Esplanade&Me/SISTIC account on

  • Go to Esplanade's Box Office and provide the email address that you used for your Esplanade&Me membership.

  • Call 6348 5555 to buy tickets and state the email address that you used for your Esplanade&Me membership.


Yes, as long as you provide the email address that you used for your Esplanade&Me membership account. You can also provide your SISTIC account number which can be retrieved from your Profile page when you login to your member portal.

No. Esplanade&Me ticket specials are applicable only to events at Esplanade that are ticketed via SISTIC.

Priority Booking

If you have agreed to be on our mailing list, you will receive emails from us about priority booking periods for selected events and festivals. Please check your inbox and add Esplanade as a contact so that our emails don't filter into your spam folder.

You can purchase up to four tickets per production during the priority booking period. You can log in to your account to buy tickets online. You may also go to Esplanade Box Office or call the hotline at 6348 5555, providing your email address as verification of your membership.

Membership renewal

Your membership will be renewed automatically when you meet the minimum spend amount required. If you are at the Discover tier, you don’t have to renew your membership as it doesn’t expire.

This tier is not available for purchase. To get the Esplanade&Me Black membership, accumulate your spend to a min. of $1,000 annually on tickets to applicable events at Esplanade.

You can log in to your membership account or contact us at

Because you haven't met the minimum spend requirements within a year of your membership. You can continue in the Esplanade&Me White tier at an annual fee of $50 or continue your membership as part of Esplanade&Me Discover.

For JOYears members

No you don’t have to. You can if you want, as members with JOYears badges are also issued with physical cards. All other tiers have digital cards only, which can be accessed when you log in from our website.

You can collect them from the Esplanade Information Counter, located at Mezzanine level, open from 12pm to 8.30pm daily. Provide your name and email address or mobile number for collection.

Yes. The person must have a letter of authorisation from you stating she/he is collecting your JOYears card on your behalf.

Yes you can. If you're buying tickets online, select the specials that you qualify for depending on your membership. If you're buying tickets from Esplanade's Box Office, SISTIC outlets or via hotline, provide your name and mobile number or email address. To enjoy promotions at Esplanade Mall, you can either present your JOYears card/sticker or log in to your account to show your member profile.

Call us immediately at 6828 8377 to report your loss. We'll issue another card or sticker in 10 working days and the replacement fee is $10. You can collect the replacement card/sticker at Esplanade Information Counter located at Mezzanine level, open from 12pm to 8.30pm daily.

No, your JOYears card and/or sticker is non-transferable and tied to your name and mobile number.

Yes, if you don’t have a mobile device that allows you to log in to your membership account on our website where we can view your membership profile. The physical JOYears card/sticker then functions as proof of eligibility.


This is in case we have to verify that you have a JOYears badge before you enter a performance venue. You may be required to upgrade your concession ticket to a full-priced ticket otherwise.

You can choose to receive newsletters from us via email or post when you sign up for your membership. Newsletters by post are only available to Singapore mailing address.

Please call us at 6828 8377 or email

Car park privileges for Esplanade&Me Black

10% off your parking fee.

Yes, you can register a maximum of two vehicles. Please provide the vehicle plate number and IU number for both vehicles.

No, only the first car that enters and exits the car park gets the discounted rate.

Yes, you can. Please allow five working days for the activation of each change.

No, individuals who have season parking at Esplanade are not entitled to further discounts on parking charges.

Need help?

Call 6828 8377 from 12pm – 6pm daily, drop us an email or message us on Facebook.

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