For more details about the Esplanade&Me membership, read our Terms and Conditions.

1. General Terms of Esplanade&Me


1.1 As a member, you agree to these Terms and Conditions. Application for a membership with Esplanade&Me (E&Me) is deemed to be acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. The Esplanade Co Ltd (TECL) reserves the right to reject any application to participate in the Esplanade&Me programme, which consists of Esplanade&Me Discover, Esplanade&Me White, Esplanade&Me Black, as well as membership badges PIP's Club and JOYears.


1.2 Each account is non-transferable and non-refundable.


1.3 The expiry date of an Esplanade&Me White or Esplanade&Me Black membership account cannot be suspended or extended. With the exception of the following and/or special promotions, each membership term starts on the date of registration/renewal/upgrade, and ends on the last day of the month in one year’s time.

  • 1.3.1 Esplanade&Me Discover is a free tier that has no expiry date.

  • 1.3.2 The PIP's Club badge applies for children ages 12 and under and expires on the child's 13th birthday.

  • 1.3.3 The JOYears badge applies to those ages 55 and above and has no expiry date.


1.4 The email address used to sign up for an Esplanade&Me membership cannot be changed and the amount accumulated in the membership account cannot be transferred to another account.


1.5 Members who are able to meet the minimum required spend for Esplanade&Me White and Esplanade&Me Black will be automatically renewed from the next day after the current membership expiry. Members who are unable to meet the minimum required spend and wish to renew as Esplanade&Me White by paying a membership fee may do so starting 3 months before the date of expiry at or at the Esplanade Box Office.


1.6 TECL reserves the right to amend or withdraw any Esplanade&Me benefits or ticket specials at any time. These offers are subject to change without notice. Details can be found in Esplanade&Me benefits.


1.7 TECL reserves the right to cancel an account without refund if there is a breach of any of the terms and conditions of the Esplanade&Me membership and/or conditions of sale of tickets.


1.8 Should TECL decide to discontinue the Esplanade&Me membership under unforeseen circumstances, members will be duly notified.


1.9 Data provided by all Esplanade&Me members will be used in accordance with TECL’s Data Protection Policy.

2. Esplanade&Me Ticket Specials


2.1 Esplanade’s Ticketing Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings.


2.2 Esplanade&Me ticket specials are available for selected events held at Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay.


2.3 When applicable, Esplanade&Me ticket specials will be available online at, via hotline or at the Esplanade Box Office and all other SISTIC authorised outlets.


2.4 Members are eligible to purchase up to four tickets per production at Esplanade&Me prices where applicable, subject to availability. There is a quota on the number of Esplanade&Me special tickets available per production. 


2.5 Members must state the SISTIC account number or email address tied to their Esplanade&Me account for identification when buying tickets in person or via hotline. Members who purchase tickets online must also log in using the SISTIC account tied to their Esplanade&Me account so that the amount spent can be tracked.


2.6 Esplanade&Me specials are applicable on the ticket categories specified for the events and non-concession price tickets only.


2.7 Accumulated or Total Ticketing spend refers to the total amount spent on tickets for all events at Esplanade ticketed through SISTIC (excluding SISTIC booking fee and processing fees), one year from the start date of membership. The ticketing spend is captured only when tickets are purchased through the following: or, at Esplanade Box Office or SISTIC authorised agents. Tickets to events sold on platforms that are not ticketed by SISTIC will not be counted into the total ticketing spend.

3. Collection of Tickets


3.1 If members need to collect tickets, a valid digital Esplanade&Me card must be presented when collecting tickets together with any credit/debit card that may have been used for payment of tickets.

4. Loss & Replacement of JOYears Card


4.1 In the event that your JOYears card is lost, stolen or damaged, please inform TECL immediately at or call 6828 8377. Replacement cards can be collected 10 working days after reporting of loss.


4.2 Collection of replacement cards must be done in person at Esplanade's Information Counter at Mezzanine level. Members must provide their name, email address or mobile number, along with a replacement fee of SGD $10.

5. Carpark Privileges


5.1 Only Esplanade&Me Black members are eligible for parking privileges. Members must enter vehicle plate and IU numbers in their profile information under My Account.


5.2 Each Esplanade&Me Black member can enjoy parking privileges for two vehicles only. Parking privileges will be activated five working days from the time at which vehicle information is provided.


5.3 For Esplanade&Me Black members who register two IU numbers during sign-up, only the first car will enjoy the discount, should both cars be parked at Esplanade carpark at any given time.


5.4 Existing Season Parking Ticket holders are not entitled to further discount on parking charges.

6. Priority Booking


6.1 Priority booking is open only to Esplanade&Me Black members, who will be notified via email when priority booking is open for selected events.


6.2 Esplanade&Me Black members must provide name and email address for verification when buying tickets during priority booking at Esplanade's Box Office or via hotline.


6.3 Priority booking is not available at all other SISTIC authorised outlets.

7. Guided Tours and Esplanade&Me Member Events


7.1 Members must present a valid digital Esplanade&Me membership card on the day of the tour or event. Payment for the tour must be made on the day of the tour.


7.2 Members must be present for the tour or event that they have booked or registered respectively.


7.3 Tickets to non-complimentary Esplanade&Me events must be purchased online on, via hotline or at the Esplanade Box Office.


7.4 Members must present a valid Esplanade&Me digital card when buying tickets to paid Esplanade&Me events at Esplanade Box Office. If purchase is done via hotline, members must provide their Esplanade&Me membership number, or name, email address and mobile number for identification.


7.5 There are limited spaces for Esplanade&Me events. Registration is required to confirm your attendance, subject to availability.


7.6 For non-complimentary Esplanade&Me events, spaces are confirmed only when payment is received, subject to availability.

8. Esplanade&Me Promotions


8.1 Members must present a valid Esplanade&Me digital card to enjoy Esplanade&Me promotions at Esplanade Mall.


8.2 Esplanade&Me promotions at Esplanade Mall are not applicable with other promotions, discounts, vouchers and offers by credit or privilege cards.


8.3 Prices indicated may be subject to service charge and prevailing government taxes.


8.4 Management reserves the right to amend any promotional terms and conditions without prior notice.


8.5 Mall merchant’s terms and conditions apply.


8.6 Third party benefits, if any, are only available at selected shops on selected products or services. These offers are subject to change without notice. We are not responsible for the performance of third parties in relation to any offer or service. Third-party benefits are correct at time of printing.

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