A developmental platform for those interested in Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) for children three to six years old.

Image of children playing with puppets and shadows during a performance at Esplanade.

PLAYlab is a developmental platform at Esplanade for budding artists or collectives interested in Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) for children three to six years old. PLAYlab aims to provide opportunities for research and development in the creation of new TYA productions at the centre.

The PLAYlab team invites artists to submit their ideas for exploration. These ideas can be in the form of a short proposal that will act as an Expression of Interest (EOI), to be part of the PLAYlab platform. Shortlisted ideas will be supported through opportunities for critical feedback, an honorarium and a work-in-progress showcase. These ideas may also have the potential to be further developed for Esplanade’s various platforms.

  1. What are some important topics and issues that can be presented to children, through the arts?

  2. How is your work suitable for children in terms of addressing their developmental milestones between three to six years old?

  3. How does your work incorporate artistic quality and creativity? How is your work original?

  4. Have you done any research on or applied any innovative and sustainable practices in your work? Could you elaborate on some of these practices that can be incorporated for this proposal?

  5. How can your process provide opportunities for capability development for the members of your team?

  6. How does your work contribute to creating a safe and accessible space that is inclusive to a diverse range of children?

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