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Come Together 2021: Vivien Yap

Travel back in time with archival footage of The Nexus Event: Fables Retold


Published: 28 Dec 2022

Time taken : >15mins

The Nexus Event: Fables Retold

Vivien Yap

Recorded at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, as part of Come Together, 6–31 Dec 2021

The Nexus Event: Fables Retold was not supposed to happen but welcome to the branched timeline; where songs don’t sound like they used to, where people change in more ways than one and… where fables end with riots instead of morals.

Turn back the clock to 2021 as Vivien Yap belts out her original tracks with some of Singapore's most legendary rockers—Bani Hidir, Ben Mah, Billy Chua, Nigel Cheah and Sara Wee. Listen to punk-rock performed by the bay. The whiplash will be worth it.

Want more? Watch the full performance here

About Vivien Yap

An unassuming raconteur, Vivien Yap writes stories into folk-driven, pop songs. A combination of infectious and brooding melodies paired with romantic lyricism, her music waxes lyrical of her struggles with identity and self-worth. Yap’s debut EP Fables was released in 2019 and she is currently working on her second EP.

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