Esplanade Presents


FULL OUT! 2023

Featuring House of Love, ILL-Abilities, The Royal Family and ScRach MarcS (Various countries)

1 Dec 2023, Fri, 8pm

2 Dec 2023, Sat, 8pm

1hr 30mins

(Intermission: None)

Esplanade Theatre

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Get ready to be blown away by FULL OUT! 2023


Returning to the Esplanade Theatre where it all began in 2019, this electrifying fourth edition features four awe-inspiring and trailblazing dance crews that will rip the stage with their talent, passion and raw creativity.


Coming from all corners of the globe, three-time World Hip Hop Dance Champions, The Royal Family (New Zealand), Korean Kiki house pioneers, House of Love (South Korea), and international breaking sensation, ILL-Abilities, go full out alongside homegrown Singapore crew, Local Remix, led by ScRach MarcS! Brace yourself for this adrenaline-pumping showcase of iconic signature moves along with a refreshing take on street dance through thrilling crew collaborations.


FULL OUT! 2023 is part of da:ns focus – FL/OW (The FULL OUT Weekend), which invites you to celebrate the diverse facets of street dance and its culture over three days of exciting performances, workshops, battles and parties! Having grown from its humble beginnings as FULL OUT! street dance showcase in 2019, you won’t want to miss this jam-packed weekend with high-energy showcases and experimental works by world-renowned dance crews, emerging and seasoned local choreographers, all demonstrating what street dance can be beyond the conventional. 



Lumlum (a.k.a. Lee Shie Yar)



Creative & Production Team

Creative Director: Andy Benjamin Cai

Lighting Designer: Alberta Wileo, in collaboration with the artists

Set Designer: Chan Silei

Production Stage Manager: Stanley Ng

Assistant Stage Managers: Juraidah Rahman & Wee Nee


This performance may include the use of strobe lighting, haze, smoke and loud sound effects.

This performance may contain some scenes with mild mature content.

Admission Age:
6 and above.
Language: English
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Artist Information

House of Love


House of Love is the largest Kiki house leading the Korean Kiki ballroom scene, inspired by ‘90s ball culture which emerged in New York City, USA.


Founding Mother Love Ran is the organiser of Korea's first ever ball, Mangwon Ball.


She and the children played a big role in the growth of the ballroom scene as the first generation to lead Korean ballroom into prominence. Besides the ball, she actively promotes the dance voguing in various places such as choreography, television shows, parties, and street events of K-pop artists.



ILL-A•bil•i•ty [‘il-ə-ˈbi-lə-tē] –

noun, plural ILL-A•bil•i•ties~

» An adaptation of power, strength, and creativity.

» Believing in yourself—to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

» Creating opportunities from challenges.

» Exploiting your capabilities—to live life to the fullest potential.



ILL-Abilities is an international breaking dance crew comprised of seven active members from around the world.

Redouan “Redo” Ait Chitt (The Netherlands)

Sergio “Checho” Carvajal (Chile)

Jung Soo “Krops” Lee (South Korea)

Jacob “Kujo” Lyons (U.S.A)

Lucas “Perninha” Machado (Brazil)

Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli (Canada)

Samuel Henrique “Samuka” da Silveira Lima (Brazil)


This crew originated from an idea by Montreal-based dancer/motivational speaker Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli to create an all-star team of some of the world’s best differently-abled dancers. ILL-Abilities was officially formed in 2007 with four founding members Lazyegz, Tommy Guns, Kujo and Checho, whose goal was to compete and perform internationally, showing the world that anything is possible.


The crew gets its name from the standard in hip-hop culture of using a negative term to refer to something positive. Examples of this can be heard in studios or at competitions where dancers complement each other by saying they were bad, nasty or mean. The “ill” in ILL-Abilities does not refer to “sick” or “unwell” but rather to incredible, amazing, intricate, talent. Rather than seeing the negative limitations of “disability”, this crew focuses on their positive, or “ill” abilities.


Once they started performing together, the dancers of ILL-Abilities quickly realised their potential to inspire audience members with their positive attitudes and unique dance moves. The crew thus expanded their goal, presenting their motivational entertainment programmes and theatrical dance performances worldwide.

Local Remix (led by ScRach MarcS)


Local Remix, a team led by ScRach MarcS, is a homage to the diversity of Singapore—a melting pot of cultures, personalities, traditions and artistry.


The crew is a gathering of local artistic minds from the Singapore dance scene. Together, they celebrate various global street cultures while continuing to preserve the DNA that Southeast Asian bodies carry. Local Remix is a reimagination and reconstruction of global and regional street cultures without definitive labels and expectations, inviting audiences to rethink what one knows and feels about dance through a refreshingly new experience.


Dancers: Rachel “Racheezels” Lee, Marcus “Marzipan” Tan, Amin “Sir Waackalot” Alifin, Alton Sky, Zaihar, Kayte Willis, Alif Aircho, Chelsea Linda, Kamil, Krisha, Leo, Luqman

The Royal Family


The Royal Family dance out of­ The Palace Dance Studio in Auckland, New Zealand. They have been crowned three times the World Mega Crew Hip Hop Champions, and have amassed over 10 billion views online across several videos and platforms. The Royal Family tour the world to sold-out shows and workshops in every country they visit. They have danced for top artists and brands such as Justin Bieber, Rihanna, JLo, Ciara, Super Bowl and Savage Fenty. Their choreographer is Emmy-award winner Parris Goebel, regarded as one of the world’s leading choreographers today. They bring a unique style called Polyswagg that is sassy and aggressive, and is undoubtedly one of the top dance crews in the world.

Date & Time

1 Dec 2023, Fri


Esplanade Theatre

2 Dec 2023, Sat


Esplanade Theatre
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