Esplanade Presents


Dance Mixtape

Spoken Movement, Stirring Ground, The Ruggeds (UK, Singapore, The Netherlands)

1 Dec 2023, Fri, 8pm

2 Dec 2023, Sat, 8pm

3 Dec 2023, Sun, 3pm


(Intermission: None)

Esplanade Theatre Studio

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This is street dance like you’ve never seen before! This exciting triple bill, Dance Mixtape, features a collection of street dance theatre works by international and Singapore artists, each with its own unique creative approach and concept. Selected for curious beginners and connoisseurs alike, these works will inspire you with its different expressions of street dance theatre, a genre that continues to evolve.


Exploring the concept of adaptability, The Ruggeds (The Netherlands) pushes the boundaries of breaking with Waterbrothers; Spoken Movement (United Kingdom) incorporates languages such as krump and hip hop for theatrical ends at the award-winning work Family Honour; and Stirring Ground (Singapore) is specially commissioned by Esplanade to create a new work, investigating notions of resilience and inter-dependence.


Street dance theatre, also known as hip hop theatre, is a genre that emerged in the 1990s, blending street dance with theatrical elements and structures. With street dance and street culture elements such as breaking, hip hop, DJ-ing and beatboxing as its core, works of street dance theatre embrace a diversity of contemporary creative approaches, often with a focus exploration of a particular idea, content or form.


Dance Mixtape is part of da:ns focus – FL/OW (The FULL OUT Weekend), which invites you to celebrate the diverse facets of street dance and its culture over three days of exciting performances, workshops, battles and parties! Having grown from its humble beginnings as FULL OUT! street dance showcase in 2019, you won’t want to miss this jam-packed weekend with high-energy showcases and experimental works by world-renowned dance crews, emerging and seasoned local choreographers, all demonstrating what street dance can be beyond the conventional.


Lighting Design: Petrina Dawn Tan

Production Manager: Chim Sin Yee

Stage Manager: Tennie Su



Waterbrothers by The Ruggeds (The Netherlands)

Choreographed by Roy Overdijk in collaboration with Lee-lou Demierre


Surprising, intimate and modest ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ – de Volkskrant


A performance about adaptability—we either go with the flow or swim against the current. As water changes shape, dancers Lee and Roy change their approach to the floor. In this duet Waterbrothers, they challenge each other in a stream of movements, in which the younger brother sometimes storms past the older one, set to live music performed by Jessy ‘Boi Beige’ Kemper.


The Ruggeds have been a collective of breakers for 15 years and are pushing the boundaries of their dance style in the theatre.


Choreography: Roy Overdijk in collaboration with Lee-lou Demierre

Dancers: Lee-lou Demierre and Roy Overdijk

Music: Jessy 'FORTBEIGE' Kemper, Dominique Vleeshouwers

Original set & lighting design: Ido Koppenaal, Niek Traa

Executive producer: Rugged Solutions Foundation



Co-isolated by Stirring Ground (Singapore)

A new work commissioned by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

Choreographed by Gin Lam and Xue Hui


Co-isolate [verb]: to isolate along with another. Co-isolated explores how two entities are connected and influenced by one another while maintaining their boundaries. In this co-isolated environment, the performance exhibits a constant dance of resilience and adaptivity.


Conceptualised, choreographed and performed by Gin Lam and Xue Hui, co-founders of Stirring Ground, Co-isolated investigates notions of impulse and elasticity, action and reaction, bounce and rebounce.


Concept, choreography and performance: Gin Lam and Xue Hui
Artistic consultant: Kuik Swee Boon



Family Honour by Spoken Movement (UK)

Choreographed by Kwame Asafo-Adjei


Sophisticated in its use of hip-hop language for theatrical ends” – The Guardian


The award-winning Family Honour examines the eponymous concept through the eyes of a young girl trapped in moral codes mandated by her immediate environment, confronting her past ‘sin’ against tradition. Abandoned by her father, she seeks solace from memories resembling her father. Inspired by an intense discussion held in choreographer Kwame’s own family, the work draws the audience into a world where hip hop isn’t just rubbing shoulders with theatre, but is theatre. How far would you have to go to maintain the family’s honour?


Family Honour is the winner of France’s prestigious Danse Élargie in 2018 and Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition in 2019.


Led by Kwame Asafo-Adjei, Spoken Movement is a blank canvas for creation, a place with no rights or wrong. Eliminating limits, the company pushes hip hop theatre to create their own awareness.


Choreographer/dancer: Kwame Asafo-Adjei

Dancer: Catrina Nisbett

  • Family Honour portrays domestic violence and religious references.

  • There will be post-show talks on 1 & 2 Dec.

Admission Age:
6 and above.
Language: English
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Artist Information

Spoken Movement


Spoken Movement is a company that have taken the elements of street dance and contemporary dance to create their own vocabulary in movement. Using different genres of music, Spoken Movement look to push boundaries by undertaking concepts, issues and day to day life experiences, to create thought provoking pieces of work. 

Stirring Ground


Established in 2020 by Singapore street dance artists Gin Lam and Xue Hui, Stirring Ground aims to create a space for dancers who are curious to explore what more they could do with their dance, be it physically or mentally. It regularly organises mentorship programmes for young dancers to discover their distinct voices, identities and the infinite possibilities of what one’s body could do, through experimentation, application and exploration. 

The Ruggeds


Based in Eindhoven, The Ruggeds are one of the most active crews in the world. Together since 2015, they feel at home on every stage and are an established name, recognised in the underground scene and internationally—both commercially and in the theatre world.


In addition to preparing for the Olympics Games in breaking, The Ruggeds are also active in the theatre. They began with their first show, Adrenaline, which proved to be a great success as it showcased the group’s unique dance style. In their second show, Between Us, they not only worked from the core strength as breakers but also applied other forms of play and movement—again, their theatre performance was a hit.


"We are The Ruggeds, raw, unpolished, rough. Rough edges make the personality. We have always battled not necessarily to win but to be the best version of ourselves. Above all, we are a crew, a family and we are as colourful as the sum of us all." 

Date & Time

1 Dec 2023, Fri


Esplanade Theatre Studio

There will be a post-show talk.

2 Dec 2023, Sat


Esplanade Theatre Studio

There will be a post-show talk.

3 Dec 2023, Sun


Esplanade Theatre Studio
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