Feed Your Imagination (F.Y.I)

Designed for schools, Feed Your Imagination (F.Y.I) offers students a series of music, dance and drama performances by established local arts groups.

The Musical City 

An Esplanade Commission 
Phang Kok Jun (Singapore) 


Available for school purchase from Aug 2024 onwards. 

Price: $15 nett (min. purchase of 30 copies) 


This is an audio-visual illustration book which includes links to the digital experience. It is a digital programme suited for classroom and/or home-based learning. 



A dog goes 'woof!', a car goes ‘vrooooom', a plane goes 'shweeeeshhzooom', but what sound does a building make?


Pei is a curious girl who always wonders about the sounds things make. In this audio-visual-illustration book, readers follow the journey of Pei as she interacts with different buildings in the heart of Singapore. They will join Pei in learning about the building’s historical and architectural elements through music and sound. Readers are also invited deeper into the experience by engaging in mini drawing activities related to each building they encounter.


Part-music and part-social studies, young learners will get to learn about instruments and music from different cultures, as well as the many heritage buildings nestled within the historical heart of Singapore.


Learning Objectives


  • Recognise historical buildings in Singapore and understand their significance

  • Identify musical instruments and musical features associated with different cultures

  • Understand the connection between music, history and culture

  • Develop an appreciation for Singapore’s cultural heritage

Phang Kok Jun




With a repertoire that also includes theatre, film and other forms of media, Phang Kok Jun is a multidisciplinary and international award-winning composer whose music transcends concert halls.


Based in the culturally vibrant Singapore, Kok Jun is influenced by a wide variety of musical styles and works frequently with artists of various disciplines in order to discover new possibilities in music-making. He has been described as a composer who “comfortably melds Chinese, Western and popular idioms to excellent effect”.


Kok Jun has been part of several residencies and has had the privilege of being featured in major productions around the world—working with orchestras, theatre companies, chamber groups, directors, conductors, artists, designers and soloists.

  • All Primary, Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges / Centralised Institute & ITEs may use the Tote Board Arts Grant to subsidise up to 50% of the programme cost.

  • All SPED Schools may use the Tote Board Arts Grant to subsidise up to 70% of the programme cost.


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For Educators 

As a companion programme, there is a walking tour for The Musical City, specially for educators. 


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