Fun Facts

There's more to this durian than meets the eye. Here are some interesting nuggets of trivia that you might find enlightening about Esplanade.

Esplanade sits entirely on reclaimed land. If you were to travel back to the '60s to where the centre stands today, you would end up in the refreshing waters of the Singapore Straits.

Esplanade was named for the nearby Esplanade Park, one of the oldest public parks in Singapore. Older Singaporeans remember the area as a breezy recreational space and the venue of the beloved Satay Club, a legendary cluster of satay stalls.

Each of our iconic spikes is cleaned by hand by trained Rope Access Technicians who keep themselves safe with safety lines, working ropes and harnesses. It takes approximately two months to clean both of our spiky domes!

The winning design proposal for Esplanade was for the centre to be a lantern in the park. As the design evolved, however, it was likened to bread loaves, marshmallows and various tropical fruit before finally becoming affectionately known as the "durian".

The spikes on our domes don't just look stunning, they are ingeniously designed to let light fall into the Concert Hall and Theatre foyer spaces while at the same time keeping the heat out.

The Esplanade Concert Hall, designed by the late master acoustician Russell Johnson, can be acoustically "tuned" to create optimal conditions for a wide range of music performances. From the most delicate classical music recitals to the loudest rock concerts, the Concert Hall can accommodate it all.

The stage area of the Theatre is so large that you could park a Concorde aircraft on it with room to spare!