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Friction of Distance

Minkyung Choi , Weixin Quek Chong, Jo Ho and Dina Mimi (South Korea, Singapore, Palestine)

13 May – 4 Sep 2022

All Day

Esplanade Tunnel

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Jo Ho and Weixin Quek Chong, 2022. Image courtesy of the artists.
Weixin Quek Chong and Joy Ho, 2022. Image courtesy of the artists.
About the Event

Friction of Distance is a geographical term describing how movement incurs some form of cost in physical effort, energy or time. This exhibition looks at how relationships and collaborations are impacted in a time where physical co-existence has become increasingly challenging. Minkyung Choi, Weixin Quek Chong, Jo Ho and Dina Mimi engage with the medium of technology to investigate how our perception of space and the increasingly nebulous divide between private and public spaces have evolved with the pandemic. Collaborating in pairs—Choi with Mimi, Chong with Ho—the artists underwent a process where they engaged and experimented with varied platforms and technology, including VR Chat, chroma-key and Mozilla Hubs, to share experiences and explore issues that resonate with them. From these collapsed time-space interactions, new collaborative models emerged.


Friction of Distance presents works created collaboratively by the artists and records documenting their exchanges. The works present questions on the challenges and possibilities of using technology to forge connections and overcome physical, cultural or political barriers.


This project is co-curated with, an independent art space that presents experimental works and projects. is concerned with foregrounding the idea that technology can be adopted as a medium for art-making.

Things to Note:
For information about late seating, photography and more, please read our general advisory.
Date & Time

13 May – 4 Sep 2022

From 13 May, 6am

Esplanade Tunnel

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