Visual Arts

A curatorial showcase of themed exhibitions by Asian artists throughout the year, located at the unique spaces in Esplanade.

About Visual Arts 2023

In four solo exhibitions around Esplanade, view the works of Singaporean artists Grace Tan, Wyn-Lyn Tan and Xinwei Che, as well as a large-scale installation by Papermoon Puppet Theatre from Indonesia. These newly commissioned and site-specific works are outcomes of long-term experimentations with materials and explorations of their intrinsic qualities. Playing with scale, orientation and temporality, these ongoing inquiries by the artists reveal the potential for materials to inform the ways we understand and engage with environments around us.  


At Jendela (Visual Arts Space), Grace Tan’s Dimensions draws inspiration from the study of the existence and characteristics of naturally occurring particles like atoms, photons and electrons in the field of quantum physics. Tan engages with materials like plastic cable ties, plastic tag pins, steel rods and neodymium magnets to investigate notions of symmetry and geometry found in nature.


Unfolding through soil paintings on large transparent sheets, abstract compositions on shaped wood and video works, Land-scape at Esplanade Tunnel expands on Wyn-Lyn Tan’s continued fascination with the natural world and her desire to connect with the surrounding environment. Morphing and unfolding between representation and abstraction and the macro and micro, Land-scape evokes the familiar and unfamiliar through a play of perspective, framing and an embrace of the incidental.


Xinwei Che’s Holding Time 《实 · 空》engages with materials, including clay and traditional Chinese herbs. Through performance-installations Che attempts to deepen and expand our experience of time by constantly repeating material rituals. The paintings, sculptures and two-channel video work in this exhibition allude to and capture these materials in moments of change—drying, cracking, soaking, melting, seeping and spreading—revealing time through attention.


Sang: A Journey to Return Home at the Esplanade Concourse manifests Papermoon Puppet Theatre’s abiding interests in the bonds humans have with each other and nature. This installation is an extension of the production Stream of Memory commissioned as part of In New Light – A Season of Commissions and comprises larger-than-life puppets, stilt houses and miniature puppets created from materials including papier-mache, wood and rattan. The spirited work reflects on the impact of urbanisation and modern life on natural environments while urging for the rekindling of relationships with others and nature.



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