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Having transformed from da:ns festival to da:ns focus in 2023/24, da:ns focus continues with an exciting year-round season of five themed weekends in 2024/25. Experience interconnected programmes that offer their own counterpoints, dialogues and encounters in a focused exploration.

About da:ns focus


Having transformed from da:ns festival to da:ns focus in 2023/24, da:ns focus continues with an exciting year-round season of five themed weekends in 2024/25, each focusing on a particular theme or genre. The programmes, experiences and activities within each weekend will offer focused explorations and opportunities for counterpoints, dialogues and perspectives. 


We continue to be excited by the possibilities that da:ns focus brings. It pushes us into fresh ways of thinking, creating and programming; enables us to attract new audiences and deepen existing audiences’ appreciation for dance; as well as explore connections and threads within a thematic focus, and further more partnerships. Whether you are curious novices or long-time dance supporters, we invite you to join us in this journey of discovery. 

da:ns focus 2024/25 (Apr 2024 – Mar 2025) consists of the following weekends:

EveryBody (19 – 21 Apr 2024)

The idea of the perfect body is one that has been perpetuated in dance. This annual EveryBody weekend thus challenges these conventions by presenting high quality works and experiences focusing on inclusivity, diversity and participation, where we encourage everybody and every body to experience dance. 

da:ns focus – EveryBody by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay is an inclusive weekend (19 – 21 Apr) of dance, challenging the conventional idea of a dancing body and redefining what is possible in dance and in life. The artists we feature this year have inspiring and meaningful philosophies on art and life. New York-based Monica Bill Barnes & Company’s motto is “bringing dance where it doesn’t belong”, while leading Australian company Restless Dance Theatre firmly believes in showcasing artists who have lived experience of disability but who are not defined by their disability. We hope that through this second edition of EveryBody, you will gain new perspectives on what it means to dance, and what it means to be human.   


EveryBody was initiated last year as part of the transformation from da:ns festival to da:ns focus—a season of five distinct themed dance weekends. EveryBody challenges conventions and presents high-quality works and experiences focusing on inclusivity, diversity and participation. We were encouraged by the artists, audiences and different communities who responded positively to 2023’s edition, and we see a great need to continue our efforts in featuring diverse dancing bodies that are professional as well as pre- or non-professional. Through them, we want to encourage everybody and every body to experience dance.   


While planning this second edition, we have designed many access points for audiences, so that communities who are new to dance or inclusivity will be able to connect deeply to the artists and experiences. A highlight of EveryBody is The Running Show by Monica Bill Barnes & Company. This work will activate a large cast of Singapore dancers, ranging in age from 12 to over 70 years old. Their voices and stories will be integrated into the show via live commentary, drawing parallels between dance, sports and everyday life. Filled with dynamic movements, gripping moments and an undercurrent of humour throughout, The Running Show is an enlightening dance-theatre performance that speaks to the community and humanity of dance.  


We also take the opportunity at EveryBody to progressively expand our perceptions on differently-abled artists and their works. Australia’s leading inclusive dance company, Restless Dance Theatre presents Listen to See, where the company’s dancers invite audiences to share moments of connection through short dance exchanges. It is an intimate experience of discovery, prompting us to rethink our perspectives on the diverse abilities that we all possess.  


In addition, EveryBody brings back a range of participatory programmes, such as EveryBody workshops for beginners of all ages, from pre-schoolers and kids to youths and adults. We have also invited Restless to specially conduct two workshops: a Creative Movement Workshop suitable for differently-abled participants with diverse needs and conditions, as well as an Educator’s Workshop on the topic of creating access in dance. The beloved EveryBody Dance Now also returns, where everybody is invited to freely take part in 13 different short dance-along sessions. Among these sessions, two sessions will be wheelchair-friendly and Singapore Sign Language interpretation will also be provided.  


Join us at EveryBody for a line-up featuring 17 different performances, experiences, workshops and dance-along sessions, and discover fresh perspectives on dance, art and life.  


Iris Cheung 
Producer, The Esplanade Co Ltd 

CAN – Connect Asia Now (4 – 6 Oct 2024)

A spotlight on contemporary dance works by Asian artists, this annual gathering focuses on distinct voices and creative impulses from the region. It is also a key platform for professionals to connect and further develop Asia’s contemporary performance scene.

Contemporary Dance (Nov/Dec 2024)

Leaning into the evolving and open nature of contemporary dance, this weekend adopts a thematic approach and will be framed by a different concept or idea each year that is anchored by compelling international productions.

Salero Flamenco (10 – 12 Jan 2025)

From lightning-fast footwork to intricate hand, arm and body movements, embrace the passion, soul and fervour of flamenco dance performed by some of the best musicians and dancers worldwide. 

Ballet by the Bay (Feb/Mar 2025)

A ballet lovers’ weekend of classics and neo-classical works. Be inspired by world-class productions and be introduced to new perspectives on this celebrated art form. 


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