The White Snake Legend

The Chinese Opera Institute
China Guangdong Cantonese Opera Institute

11 Jul 2024, Thu, 7.45pm

12 Jul 2024, Fri, 7.45pm

2hrs 25mins

(Intermission: 1 x 20mins)

Esplanade Theatre

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Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian were once lotus flowers in the presence of Buddha. Through trials and tribulations, they were reincarnated as a human and a white snake respectively. Xu Xian had long forgotten their past, while Bai Suzhen still longed for him. Determined to be together, Bai Suzhen and her companion Xiao Qing descended to Earth to find Xu Xian. Their love blossomed under an umbrella during a rainy day at West Lake . However Abbot Fa Hai adamantly opposed the union of a white snake spirit and mortal. Tragedy struck when Xu Xian succumbed to shock upon learning Bai Suzhen's true form after she drank at the Dragon Boat Festival. Undeterred by adversity, Bai Suzhen embarked on a perilous journey to Kunlun Mountain in search of the mystical herbs to bring Xu Xian back to life. She flooded Jin Shan Temple in bid to rescue Xu Xian and sustained grievous injuries in the process. Xu Xian was greatly touched by Bai Suzhen's devotion and their love was reaffirmed at the broken bridge. With brimming hearts’ desire, they united once more to traverse the boundless expanse of time together and their love continued for a thousand years.
Admission Age:
4 and above.
Language: English, Cantonese
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Date & Time

11 Jul 2024, Thu


Esplanade Theatre

12 Jul 2024, Fri


Esplanade Theatre
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