There’s always something new to learn about the arts. Practitioner, performer, patron or arts-goer—you’ll find that the learning journey about the arts is one that never ends and one that is immensely fascinating. As an arts centre that is also learning and constantly exploring ideas and new ways of doing things, we hope to be a part of your learning adventure too.

How do we do that? Aside from presenting a diverse range of performances and programmes to expand your artistic knowledge, we organise workshops and talks, to provide you with hands-on experience at a particular art form or craft and trigger new perspectives or ways of thinking. Read about how artists create an artwork or write a play through interviews and find out how things work behind the scenes through our special features with artists, producers or crew.

We also believe that exposure to the arts at a young age is important. It helps to nurture an appreciation for the arts while encouraging creative expression and a sense of curiousity. We have a range of programmes for children and youth, from performances to activities or tours at the centre. To bring creative learning and the arts to classrooms, we also have lesson plans for selected programmes for educators.

Group Visits

To enable a fuller understanding of Esplanade, our programmes and the arts industry, we organise and conduct group visits.

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Resources for Teachers & Students

To complement our line-up of programmes all year round, we provide learning resources for educators and students. These include teaching resource kits and activity sheets for students across a range of ages.

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