In The Durian

Chasing passions at Baybeats

Many know Baybeats—it's the largest free alternative music festival in the region that offers a complete concert-going experience with live performances and activities around the centre. But that's just the tip of the iceberg! The festival, which is in its 14th edition this year, is one of Esplanade's enduring free platforms to nurture talent as well as grow a community of supporters and music enthusiasts for the fledgling artists. Another important aspect of the festival is the extensive Baybeats Budding initiative that provides invaluable learning and mentoring experiences for budding artists working in different forms of expression.

Take what happens on stage for example. Eight of the bands performing at Baybeats hail from the Budding Bands initiative. These bands are carefully selected to undergo a mentorship programme with recognised industry figures.

Away from the stage, the writers who conduct interviews and blog, the videographers who create special music videos, and the photographers that brave the mosh pits at the festival are likewise aspiring artists involved in Baybeats Budding initiatives. Budding Writers are mentored by The Straits Times music journalist and well-known Singapore music icon Eddino Abdul Hadi, Budding Video Artists work with filmmaker Josiah Ng, while Budding Photographers line their lenses up with concert photographer Aloysius Lim.

And not to mention, we even have a Baybeats street team made up of enthusiastic volunteers who enliven the festival experience for everyone on the ground! All done to put up a great show and at no cost for those attending it so that everyone can be there to enjoy the gigs from 26 to 28 June!

For more details on Baybeats 2015, visit www.baybeats.com