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EveryBody Workshops (Adults & Youth)

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8 – 23 Apr 2023

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1hr 30mins

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Esplanade Rehearsal Studio

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There is no better way to fall in love with dance than to explore a new genre for yourself! Take the first step to dance through these engaging and experiential dance workshops, led by experienced Singapore dance instructors.


Adults and Youth

Tailored for absolute beginners, with two left feet or little experience in dance!


Cha Cha

The Cha Cha is a playful and flirtatious dance known for its vibrant energy. Although it is traditionally danced to upbeat music with a Latin or Cuban beat, today it is common to dance the Cha Cha to many current styles of music including Top 40 hits, pop and R&B.



K-pop (an abbreviation of Korean pop or Korean popular music) is a musical genre consisting of electronic, hip hop, pop, rock, and R&B music originating in South Korea. In addition to music, K-pop has grown into a popular subculture among teenagers and young adults throughout Asia, resulting in widespread interest in the fashion and style of Korean idol groups and singers. With countless memorable dance covers, come through and move with us to the latest K-pop tracks!



Dancehall came out of Jamaican dance halls in the 1970s. This dance style embraces Jamaican culture and music, and is characterised as a dance that is high on attitude as much as it is on energy and dance moves. It's a free and flowing form of expressive dancing, which moves are fluid and natural, often swaying in an easy-going fashion to the beat.


This class will cover a range of basic Dancehall techniques, and participants will learn to put these into practice with easy-to-follow, energetic, innovative and fun choreography. Get groovin' to the catchy rhythms of Dancehall!


Ladies Jazz

In this class, participants will learn the basic jJazz techniques combined with a more feminine styling, focusing on body isolations, flexibility and musicality. For this beginner level class, no dance experience is necessary. Just bring your positive attitude and be ready to sweat it out and have fun.


Attire: Leggings/ dance shorts, t-shirts/ tank tops (anything comfortable to move around and stretch in)


Footwear: Jazz shoes (not mandatory), socks or barefoot (no heels required)



Also known as the dance of love, the Rumba, with its Cuban origin, is a slow dance and one of the popular dances seen in weddings. The beautiful and elegant dance movements of this genre create a romantic and sensual feel, and can be performed to evergreen love or pop songs.


Spanish Dance for Relaxation

Relax and recharge for a sense of well-being with Spanish dance—move and flow with body awareness, and uplift your heart and feeling with soothing, beautiful Spanish melodies.

Attire: Please come in comfortable attire, non-slip socks or soft shoes to facilitate movement. Ladies can additionally wear a flare skirt.


Brazilian Samba

Brazilian Samba (Samba no pé) features quick rhythmic steps and a swaying rocking motion from the dancer to lively rhythms. Participants will learn the fundamentals of dancing to the Bateria (Batucada band) in this musicality-based dance class that fuses the dance and music made popular by the carnivals of Brazil.



Brazil’s national dance exudes a joyful expression as it reflects the many differences in the cultural roots and influences that give Latin music and dance its multifaceted character. Discover more and learn the foundations of this extremely lively and rhythmical dance known for its strong hip action, rhythm, and bounce.


Lindy Hop

Get ready for a swingin’ good time with Lindy Hop! This partnered dance from the 1920s to 1940s will teach you how to communicate with your partner without words, groove to infectious tunes, have fun while doing so, and get a good workout out of this beginner’s class.


Contemporary Lyrical

Have a taste of contemporary lyrical—this expressive form of dance builds on one’s body awareness and coordination through the fundamentals of contemporary dance. Let’s explore, have fun and dance our hearts out!


Lyrical Jazz

Be liberated and immerse yourself in the emotions of lyrics through lyrical jazz. With a foundation in jazz techniques, this genre is also influenced by ballet and modern dance, characterised by its expressive movements with sharp techniques, strength and musicality.


Broadway Jazz

Broadway Jazz refers to a musical inspired dance genre. With music and simplified choreography from popular musicals such as West Side Story, Chicago, The Greatest Showman and others, participants will learn to tell the different stories through movements and explore different characters.


Attire: Leggings/ dance shorts, t-shirts/ tank tops (anything comfortable to move around and stretch in)


Footwear: Jazz shoes (not mandatory), socks or barefoot (no heels please)


This programme is presented as part of da:ns focus – EveryBody, a weekend of dance with inclusivity, diversity and participation, where we encourage everybody and every body to experience dance.


Please dress comfortably for the workshop.

Admission Age:
13 and above
Language: English
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Artist Information

Beryl Tay of One Dance Asia

One Dance Asia (ODA) is dedicated to creating a safe and inviting environment for dancers of all ages to ignite and rekindle their love and appreciation for dance as an art form.

Specialising in the genres of Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz and Street Jazz, ODA seeks to provide our students with multiple platforms for arts education beyond the four walls of the classroom. ODA aspires to build up the next generation of changemakers in our local dance community and beyond.


About Beryl Tay

Beryl is a professional contemporary dancer based in Singapore. She was a former company dancer of TRDOco, Singapore, and Transitions Dance Company, London, and has toured with these companies to Malaysia, Indonesia, the UK and Italy. Beryl graduated from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance 20/21, Masters of Arts in Dance Performance and was awarded Trinity Laban Dance Award. She has participated in several summer intensives, most notably Orsolina 28, studying and practicing the repertoire of Crystal Pite under Sandra Marín and Jirí Pokorny. As Beryl continues striving to be a better dancer and performer, she hopes to impart her skills, knowledge and values through dance.

Cheryl and Sherlayne from O School

O School is a performing arts centre, established as a social enterprise in 2006 under the purview of the Ministry of Culture, Communication and Youth. It has been accorded with Institution of A Public Character (IPC) status, effective from 21 November 2016. O School aims to identify and develop youth dance talents as well as the Singapore dance market, so as to build sustainable careers for these young dancers. To this end, O School has been constantly developing dance curriculum deployed in our *Scape studios, coached institution dance teams, as well as produced national and international events to build up the dance community.


About the Instructor – Cheryl

Cheryl is a performer and teacher with ballet, street, and contemporary dance background. She graduated from her ballet studies with Ms. PangLing in 1999 and held an intermediate level RAD certificate. Since 2013, she has been trained in contemporary dance by Ryan Tan. She has choreographed numerous dance recitals and created dance routines for businesses and individuals, including L'Oréal and Benjamin Kheng. Cheryl hopes to improve everyone's lives who steps into her world of movement.


About the Instructor – Sherlayne

Sherlayne has loved to dance since she was four. She started with Latin American ballroom then moved on to genres like jazz, hip hop and contemporary, among others. Today, her movements and choreography lend insight into her background and versatility. Sherlayne currently teaches Street Jazz Open classes in O School every Thursday.

Jazz Inc

Jazz Inc is a collective founded by jazz educator Sinclair Ang, who has been teaching and performing internationally in over 20 countries for over a decade and a half. Together with his team of teachers, they conduct classes for both adults and children. The dancers have performed in different media and contexts, including dance documentaries and commercials, talk shows, the stage, at festivals like Esplanade’s Flipside and da:ns Festival, SMU Arts Festival, as well as for the nation on National Day with the Dim Sum Dollies. Jazz Inc provides a holistic approach to jazz education, including demo-lectures on the history and development of jazz dance and music, and bringing traditional swing tunes to the contemporary audience with the swing dance band The Rhythmakers.

L.A. Dance Connection

L.A. DANCE CONNECTION is a Singapore-based dance consultancy company, founded in 2003 by Lionel Araya (United States) & Yenny Widjaja (Indonesia). The company offers dance and fitness instructional classes in schools, adult (private and corporate) classes, dance choreography and performances in Singapore and around the region.

Sharmaine from Danz People

Danz People makes dance accessible to young people and adults through dance training, arts education and community outreach programmes. Their mission is to create quality dance programmes, to provide dance education opportunities to the public, to encourage collaboration within the dance community, and to speak of the importance of the arts in our lives. The studio aims to bring the power of movement and dance to life and enrich the lives of the people it reaches, and is committed to the education of dance through extensive curriculum and experience.


About the Instructor – Sharmaine

Sharmaine, 27, has been dancing since 2013 and teaching ad-hoc in studios and schools since 2016. Having explored many styles, she fell in love with Dancehall and had the opportunity to learn from various local and international Dancehall instructors from Singapore, Taiwan, France, USA, Jamaica and more.

Currently, she is building the dancehall community in Singapore, as well as coordinating specialised courses in specific fields of body awareness, femininity/masculinity in movement and dancehall knowledge application.

Sharmaine’s dance style is one that is sensitive to the context and raw emotion of music, and aims to draw the audience into her world.

Stepharina from Movement Artistry

Established by Stepharina to provide a space for one to explore and expand their artistic freedom Nestled in the history-rich exclave of Jalan Besar, Singapore, the studio aims to impart valuable knowledge to all who seeks. Movement Artistry specializes in a variety of dance genres. Namely; Brazilian Samba – Quick rhythmic steps and a swaying rocking motion from the dancer to lively rhythms Afro Brazilian – Dances at celebrations in honor of the Orixas (Gods often linked to the forces of nature) Baile Funk – Made popular by the streets of the favelas in Brazil, the dance honors the heritage of its people.


About the instructor, Stepharina

Stepharina, also known as Nana, started dancing at the age of three and has been moving ever since. Her knowledge and techniques were developed through the study of ballet, contemporary dancing, traditional Malay dance, and classical Indian dance in school before she graduated with a BA (Hons) in dance. Upon entering LASALLE College of The Arts (Singapore), she joined a local batucada, Bloco Singapura, led by Syed Ahmad and has been a core player and dancer in the Bateria since. Stepharina is also a qualified dance fitness instructor and has taught at government schools, studios, and corporate companies. Additionally, she has performed and choreographed in a variety of dance festivals overseas and stage-managed local dance shows.

Tania Goh from Spanish Dance Singapore


Creativity has no borders and manifests in Tania’s multi-faceted experiences—as dancer, teacher, arts producer and digital creator.


Her passion for flamenco sparked off when she took a sabbatical to Seville, Spain.


From passion to profession, her path took momentum bridging artists from Spain to international shores through shows, master workshops, tours, online and video platforms. This all inspires new paths for learning, interaction and explorations with her artists who generously transmit to her. She loves to teach and share Spanish Dance culture as an expressive way of life.

The DanceSport Academy

Long recognised for its specialised training in Latin and classical ballroom, TDA (The DanceSport Academy) is an esteemed dance company in Singapore. With an extensive repertoire, the company provides students with a progressive learning environment combined with unparalleled focus and rigour. Under the direction of National dancesport champions Melvin and Sharon, TDA has become a distinct institution of artistic opportunities. The studio is a dynamic hub for learning art and fitness.


About the instructors, Melvin and Sharon

Starting at the tender age of nine, Melvin has represented Singapore in numerous dancesport championships worldwide. He recognises how dancesport can be the best form of enrichment in one's life to develop facets of themselves they never knew. With over a decade worth of experience, Melvin has developed distinctive qualities which makes his teaching technique so successful.


Sharon started dancing back in her varsity days at the National University of Singapore with the Social Dance Club. With a strong affinity with the art of dance, she made a life-changing decision to dedicate herself to competitive Latin and ballroom dancing, and propelled herself from beginner to virtuoso within a brief period of time. Sharon's commitment to dancesport and her vivacity as a professional dancer is reflected in the numerous international competitions, where she has represented Singapore.

Date & Time

8 Apr 2023, Sat


Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
Cha Cha by The DanceSport Academy


Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
Kpop by O School


Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
Dancehall by Danz People

9 Apr 2023, Sun


Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
Ladies Jazz by LA Dance Connection


Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
Rumba by The DanceSport Academy


Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
Broadway Jazz by LA Dance Connection

22 Apr 2023, Sat


Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
Brazilian Samba by Movement Artistry


Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
Samba by The DanceSport Academy


Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
Lindy Hop by Jazz Inc

23 Apr 2023, Sun


Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
Contemporary Lyrical by One Dance Asia


Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
Lyrical Jazz by O School


Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
Spanish Dance for Relaxation by Spanish Dance Singapore
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