Visual Arts

A curatorial showcase of themed exhibitions by Asian artists throughout the year, located at the unique spaces in Esplanade.

About Visual Arts 2022

May – Aug 2022


In four exhibitions, the Visual Arts programme at Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay continues to support artists from Singapore and the region by creating space for newly commissioned and site-specific works.


Evolving Currents at Jendela (Visual Arts Space) presents works by Chu Hao Pei, Debbie Ding and Marvin Tang. Each work comprises new iterations of long-term research projects developed by the artists that examine various chapters and figures in the histories of Singapore and the region, proposing alternative approaches to historical accounts and overlooked narratives.


In 2022, Esplanade kickstarts a new initiative of collaborating with collectives and independent, non-profit art spaces to organise exhibitions. Co-curated with, Friction of Distance marks the first of these endeavours. The exhibition presents works by Minkyung Choi, Jo Ho, Dina Mimi and Weixin Quek Chong. Collaborating in pairs, the artists engage with the medium of technology to investigate how our perception of space and the increasingly nebulous divide between private and public spaces have evolved with the pandemic.


Centred around the concepts of reflection, reverberation and resounding, PULSATE by Zul Mahmod at the Esplanade Concourse is a sound installation that responds to events that have taken place in recent times and reflects on their impact on the individual and society.


Informed by the sonic and physical space of the Community Wall, loop / pool by Huijun Lu encompasses a series of works. Through LED panels embedded within digital prints, tanks of water filled with slow-releasing dye from butterfly pea flowers, a moving image work of abstract insets and an audio piece, Lu explores ideas of repetition, states of transition and reservoirs of temporal flows.



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