Visual Arts

A curatorial showcase of themed exhibitions by Asian artists throughout the year, located at the unique spaces in Esplanade.

About Visual Arts 2022

Jan – Apr 2022

In four exhibitions around Esplanade's visual arts spaces, view newly commissioned, site-specific works by artists, each exploring long-term research interests or engagements with form and medium.


Han Sai Por explores the importance of microorganisms to natural ecosystems in Microorganisms Landscape. This immersive installation at Jendela (Visual Arts Space) reflects on man's relationship with nature and the need to protect the rich legacies embodied within the tropics.


Unfolding across the Esplanade Tunnel, Boedi Widjaja expands upon his preoccupation with the world of the Chinese fiction genre. wuxia, through Jin Yong’s novel《侠客行》(Ode to Gallantry). Centred around a system of architectonic-numerical script devised by Widjaja, Kang Ouw《侠客行》unfolds through banners, videos, sound and drawings that encodes the artist’s multicultural imagination. With a practice that intersects artmaking and archaeology d3ar succ3ss0r by Fazleen Karlan at the Community Wall excavates debris of our present accumulated in stratigraphic layers over time, and posits a speculative examination of remnants from today by individuals from the future.


Sender of Wishes by Gatot Indrajati at the Esplanade Concourse draws upon motifs characteristic of the artist’s works. The installation is conceived as a cityscape with inhabitant toy figures and endeavours to offer a spark of optimism through this imaginary world.



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