Esplanade Presents

Syair di Pesisir

Syairpura (Singapore)

20 Mar 2023, Mon, 7pm & 8pm


(Intermission: None)

Esplanade Concourse

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Many are familiar with syair because of its unique way of performance, yet not many know that there are other ways to present this traditional literary form. Get to know the syairs which are still performed by people in the Malay archipelago such as Syair Dandan Setia, Syair Siti Zubaidah Perang Cina and Syair Perahu.


Let's enjoy the historical accounts, love and advice of the poets from the past performed by Singapore’s only syair group.


In collaboration with Malay Language Council, Singapore.


Ramai yang kenal puisi syair kerana cara ‘menyanyikannya’ yang unik, namun banyak lagi cara untuk menyampaikan puisi Melayu tradisional ini. Mari kenali lagu-lagu syair yang masih didendangkan oleh masyarakat nusantara bagi menyampaikan teks-teks syair masyhur seperti Syair Dandan Setia, Syair Siti Zubaidah Perang Cina dan Syair Perahu.


Syairpura sebagai satu-satunya kumpulan pendendang syair di Singapura bakal berkongsi keindahan irama-irama syair seperti Perang, Siti Zubaidah, Selendang Delima dan banyak lagi.


Mari bersama kita nikmati kisah-kisah sejarah, cinta dan nasihat para pujangga silam melalui alunan merdu pendendang syair yang bakal membawa anda ke alam rindu. Bersama kita telusuri minda pujangga, singgah ke alam nostalgia.


Dengan kerjasama Majlis Bahasa Melayu, Singapura.


No tickets will be issued. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Language: Malay
Things to Note:
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Artist Information



Syairpura is a group of poetry and cultural arts activists formed in 2018 by local poet and cultural arts activist, Afi Hanafi.


The group aims to preserve the recitation of syair which is a lesser-known form of traditional Malay poetry. Since its formation, Syairpura has conducted writing workshops and syair singing in schools, performed various melodies of syair singing at community events and participated in discussion forums on traditional poetry.


Syairpura’s performance has been aired on television during the launch of the Malay Language Month and their members have also been featured in radio interviews. Apart from focusing on various melodies of syair singing, Syairpura also invites local poets to compose new works of poetry, contributing to the vault of written and sung treasures.

Date & Time

20 Mar 2023, Mon


Esplanade Concourse


Esplanade Concourse

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