Esplanade Presents


Circus Open Stage

Various Artists (Singapore)

9 Jun 2024, Sun, 2.30pm & 4pm


(Intermission: None)

Esplanade Concourse


Circus Open Stage returns to Flipside! This second edition, will feature a range of circus disciplines, from acrobatics and juggling, to the Cyr Wheel.


Comprising short routines revolving around a theme, Circus Open Stage showcases the talents of Singapore-based ground circus artists and practitioners, promising a captivating show that will leave you in awe.


About the performances:


Calm in Chaos (by Aqeel)

Life can sometimes be chaotic and catch us by surprise. We experience this especially when we transit into different phases in life. Our lives, like a diabolo, may spin out of control without any clear direction. Yet, on the other hand, we are like the string which does its best to remain in control, knowing that it will hold on to the diabolo no matter what. Through the exploration of height and space with a diabolo, Aqeel depicts his calmness and composure when navigating the obstacles, as well as the life and death decisions he faces in his life.


A Man and His Friend (by Bryan "Brylights" Wong)

Even before his involvement with the circus scene, the Cyr wheel has always captivated the Brylights’ attention with its beautiful movements and impressive stunt work. He knew that he would one day pick it up. However, the journey was filled with tons of challenges, and it took him more than a year before he could even do his first show with the Cyr wheel. Even though it took longer than anything he has practiced before, it is also more rewarding than anything else. This act portrays the artist's love at first sight and his journey of forming a wonderful partnership with the Cyr wheel.


Leviwand performance (by Bryan "Brylights" Wong)

Featuring the Leviwand, this dance portrays a profound and forbidden love shared between two individuals deeply enamoured with each other. They have much in common, and share many happy memories. Yet, despite trying their best, there seems to be an invisible boundary that prevents them from getting together. The boundary of terrible odds—be it timing, location, societal approval, or what not—simply make their unification impossible.


Reverie (by CQJK)

This act follows a couple who tries to reclaim what used to be theirs. Through different forms of acrobatic arts, the artists hope to capture the human desire for more time and the desperation that humans feel when it’s time to let go.


In Control, Out of Control (by Lina)

This is a solo Cyr wheel act that challenges the conventional notions of control, unfolding as a journey showcasing an exchange of power.


The narrative explores the dynamic interplay between liberation and surrender, subverting the traditional concept of autonomy and mastery. Instead of a dominant player, like the artist, asserting control over the wheel, this performance reveals a nuanced dance between strength and vulnerability.


Standing acrobatics performance (by Xuan)

This act explores the monotony of a student life without a balance of work and play, and the journey of rediscovering the joy of learning amidst repetitive routines. Singapore encourages a very “workaholic” lifestyle that prioritises productivity over individual wellness, and it really shows in the students who spend hours on end studying to stay afloat in our intense education system. Many students start to dread learning and lose their innate sense of curiosity. It becomes a painful cycle—go to school, absorb knowledge, go home, study, sleep, repeat—and learning becomes dull. Through this performance, the artist hopes that students can rediscover a childlike sense of curiosity and enjoy learning again.


No tickets will be issued. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Language: English
Things to Note:
Accessibility Advisory: We provide a range of access services and relaxed performances for patrons with access needs. For wheelchair-accessible seats, please call Esplanade Customer Experience at 6828 8377 for assistance. Concessions for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) and up to one accompanying companion are available. | View our accessibility guide
Artist Information

Aqeel Sidek Tyebally

Aqeel is an avid explorer with an insatiable thirst for learning. His passions have always centered around active pursuits, particularly sports. It was during one of his ventures that he stumbled upon a unicycling hockey group nearby. Intrigued, he began attending their regular sessions and as time passed, he discovered a vibrant circus community in Singapore.


As Aqeel likes to say, “learning is a never-ending process, and there’s always room for more.” Eager to expand his repertoire, he delved into circus skills like juggling and diabolo. He has since performed on various stages such as Unbox 2018, Unbox 2019 and Open Stage 2022.

Bryan Wong

Bryan Wong, or Brylights as he is known onstage, is a multi-talented Singaporean circus artist and street performer. He currently specializes in Cyr wheel, Leviwand and hula hoops, and performs with the hopes of being a strong and positive representation of the Singaporean identity.


A rising talent in the Singapore entertainment industry, Bryan has been invited to perform at many well recognised events such as the Singapore Night Festival, Light to Night Festival, and the Singapore Grand Prix 2023. In January 2024, he performed at Macau's Grand Lisboa Palace Resort, and will be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival ‘Street Event’ in August 2024.


CQJK is an up-and-coming group of circus artists who have a strong passion for exploring different forms of circus arts. For them, circus represents the ultimate expression of strength, grace; coupled with the mesmerising feeling of being both grounded and weightless simultaneously. They had trained together as individuals for a few years before they began training as a team in 2023. Their approach to circus is to explore, create and continually challenge boundaries.


Lina has been pursuing her journey in the circus arts since her chance encounter with it in 2015. What started as a recreational interest trying out various disciplines like juggling and group acrobatics has developed into a keen explorative interest in the Cyr wheel.


Intrigued by the concept of “cause and effect”, she enjoys exploring the interplay between spaces, object movement and rhythm. She enjoys discovering these connections together with music to create a personalised movement vocabulary.


Lina has performed and choreographed for works such as outdoor theatre productions at Esplanade’s Flipside Festival and Circus X Puppetry collaboration with The Finger Players. She also busks to bring the joy of circus closer to the streets.

Liu Xuan Ning

Xuan is a gymnast who had a first taste of circus arts in 2021. Since then, she has dabbled in various circus disciplines. She currently specialises in standing acrobatics and juggling.

Date & Time

9 Jun 2024, Sun


Esplanade Concourse


Esplanade Concourse

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