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Aca Meet

Vocal Village (Singapore)

8 Dec 2023, Fri, 7pm


(Intermission: None)

Esplanade Annexe Studio

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An evening of music collaboration, performances and opportunities to mingle and network with other members of the a cappella community await you.


The Aca Meet brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds, including school/tertiary groups, open groups, and solo singers with the aim of offering the opportunity to participate in dynamic industry discussions, networking with peers and industry experts, and coming together in song. As the events evolve, the hope is that they will become a place where everyone can connect and exchange knowledge and experiences, and explore new opportunities.


Whether you are a seasoned musician or an aspiring artist, you are invited to join in and enjoy an evening of music, meaningful conversation, and a sense of community. Be part of the Aca Meet, where the goal is to inspire, educate, and connect individuals passionate about music.


The Aca Meet will include announcements for the a capella community, Single Singers section (more information below) and an open mic section where groups can showcase their latest works.


We are thrilled to announce our guest speaker, Alex Green, who serves as the managing partner and producer at Plaid Productions. He is a highly esteemed figure in the industry with almost 200 vocal music award nominations and wins. He will share his journey, invaluable expertise and the secrets to his success in the international professional a cappella scene, production, education, and international music festivals. Expect to gain a profound understanding of the intricate nuances of a cappella, while also discovering the unwavering dedication, creativity, and precision required to achieve remarkable milestones.


For Single Singers, we will be trying out The Middle by Zedd. You may find links to the sheet music and individual practice parts and the MIDI track for your DAW (digital audio workstation), as well as the BandLab project below.


Language: English
Things to Note:
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Artist Information

Vocal Village

Instagram | Facebook | Telegram Group (Community) | Telegram Group (for events)

Vocal Village is a community of vocalists based in Singapore, born from the desire to establish more spaces for vocalists to connect, grow and collaborate with each other through the shared love of singing. It is a place where one can make new friends and make music.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional vocalist, a current or former choir kid, a bathroom singer, or someone who may not consider themselves a singer yet. We welcome everyone and anyone with open arms 🙂


Vocal Village aims to bridge the gap between professionals and those embarking on their vocal journey and strives to create an open-minded, judgment-free environment for everyone.


If this resonates with you, Vocal Village is happy to have you with them :)

Date & Time

8 Dec 2023, Fri


Esplanade Annexe Studio

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