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Void Deck Games (Singapore)

10 – 19 Mar 2023

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1hr 30mins

(Intermission: None)

Esplanade Annexe Studio

This event is over.

Cancellation Notice

Please note that 10 & 12 Mar, 11am performances are cancelled.

Embark on a journey of mystery and excitement with Changeling! Experience a theatrical roleplaying game that brings you and your child together on an epic quest. Help find a missing boy, Nadim, who vanished 20 years ago in the enchanted world of the Bunian fairies.


Uncover hidden secrets in an ancient fantasy land, Singapura. Defeat the monstrous monarch of the Misty Straits, Sultan Maharaja Mambang. Solve puzzles, meet colourful characters, and take up arms against the enemy.


Be brave, conquer your greatest fears and help Nadim escape from the past to find the freedom he deserves. Create lasting memories with your child over an unforgettable adventure!



What kind of game is Changeling?

Changeling is an immersive fairy tale, a fantasy RPG designed for children (8-12years old). Players embark on a guided adventure that blends promenade theatre (where audiences move around to follow the performers around the space) with roleplaying gameplay as they travel through the set.


What can my child and I expect in the show?

[SPOILERS AHEAD] Your child becomes the hero of this fantasy story, making crucial choices that impact Nadim and the strange inhabitants of Bunian Land. Explore immersive sets, meet colourful and surreal fairies, and test your child's wit, dexterity, and ethics in story scenarios, improvised drama, and game puzzles. Level up your character and complete quests to battle the BOSS MONSTER with blazing fireballs and foam swords, and charge forward to protect your team with sturdy tower shields.

Changeling inspires resilience! Our immersive adventure aims to empower young minds to take on failure and disappointment with confidence


This is my first time roleplaying. What will happen if I am too shy? 

As part of the Changeling experience, we conduct a pre-game drama workshop to help participants warm up, feel more comfortable expressing themselves and play with new friends. Players also learn safety rules and how to ask for help. If your child needs more time to adjust, they can choose to watch on the side and do not have to interact with a performer.


Is Changeling a scary game? 

Changeling has a few dark moments, similar to cartoons with deeper themes such as Disney's Lion King or Beauty and the Beast. If your child is comfortable with those, they will be okay with Changeling.

If a scene becomes too intense, players can step away and watch instead of participating, and we have a decompression room to escape the story world for a few minutes.


What happens if I am late for the show? 

Arrive early or on time! Missing the pre-game safety briefing means missing out on the adventure as it's required for participation.


Is there a dress code?

No, you don't need costumes to play Changeling, but if you want to dress up, it's a great way to get into the spirit of the game. As a fun tip, you may dress up in either fantasy costumes or pyjamas.


Can adults play in Changeling?

Adults are welcome to join in the fun and participate in the adventure, but priority will be given to children to respond to performers and share their ideas. After all, it's all about empowering young minds!


My child needs a wheelchair or has sensory processing issues. Will he/she be able to attend the show still?

Please email us at so we can give you a more accurate response after understanding your child's needs better.


All children (Players) must be accompanied by an adult (Supporter). Tickets are required for each attendee. There must be a Player in the game, and the Player has to be a child.


There is strictly no admission for latecomers as there is a briefing before the performance and players/supporters are required to follow the sequential steps during the performance.

Recommended Age: 8 to 12 years old
Admission Age:
8 and above
Language: English
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Artist Information

Void Deck Games

Instagram | Facebook | Website | YouTube

Void Deck Games is an immersive theatre company that explores audience agency in narratives through gamified story structures and casting audiences as characters. 


Our focus is on people, and we design experiential stories that beckon participants to play an active role in co-creation and see imaginary worlds through the eyes of a character. The audience is a co-conspirator, never a passive observer. Through drama and negotiation, they collectively decide the story outcomes and make meaning from their artistic experience.


We seek to inspire empathy, communication and positive change in Singaporean culture by reconnecting communities and people through collaborative play experiences. 

Date & Time

10 Mar 2023, Fri


Esplanade Annexe Studio

11 Mar 2023, Sat


Esplanade Annexe Studio


Esplanade Annexe Studio

12 Mar 2023, Sun


Esplanade Annexe Studio

15 Mar 2023, Wed


Esplanade Annexe Studio


Esplanade Annexe Studio

16 Mar 2023, Thu


Esplanade Annexe Studio


Esplanade Annexe Studio

17 Mar 2023, Fri


Esplanade Annexe Studio


Esplanade Annexe Studio

18 Mar 2023, Sat


Esplanade Annexe Studio


Esplanade Annexe Studio

19 Mar 2023, Sun


Esplanade Annexe Studio


Esplanade Annexe Studio
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Standard (Player/Supporter)
Price $30

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