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Circus Open Stage


3 Jun 2023, Sat, 4pm

4 Jun 2023, Sun, 4pm


(Intermission: None)

Esplanade Concourse

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Photo credit: Rogan Yeoh
Photo credit: Rogan Yeoh

Get ready to be amazed as Circus Open Stage 2023 makes its debut at Flipside!


Featuring a diverse range of skills and disciplines, Circus Open Stage showcases the talents of Singapore-based circus artists and practitioners and promises to be a captivating show that will leave you in awe. From acrobatics and juggling to balancing and contortion, these performers will push the boundaries of what's possible.


About the performances


Performer - Aqeel

Having conducted research on various diabolo practitioners and their unique styles, Aqeel hopes to develop his own style as well, and hopes this performance can be an opportunity for him to grow as a diabolo practitioner.  


The Unmasking by Eugene

The Mime comes home and takes off his make-up. Somewhere between the reality of home and his make-believe reality, there is tragedy, poetry, and comedy. In this liminal space, we get a glimpse into the life of a mime.


Escape by Brylights

We all have a little something that we secretly enjoy, something that gives us peace and comfort. Using the cyr wheel, Brylights presents a contemporary piece about joy and escapism.


Performer - Jackie

Jackie presents a unique diabolo piece, incorporating themes from the movie Frozen into his act. Mixing it up with hip hop, popping and modern dance, Jackie explores how the rest of the body can flow with the movement of the diabolo that is being controlled by his hands. 


Performer - Nachos

Through an odd combination of juggling props, Nachos tells the story of finding your sense of belonging within the most unusual company. 


Performing group - The 3 Juggleteers

Laugh out loud in this comedic and interactive performance where three jugglers with different approaches to juggling come together to compete and create. 


Performing group - Edward & Benjamin 

Ben and Edward present a diabolo act of collaboration and synchronicity. While embracing their individual style and skills, they come together to accomplish greater technical feats. 


Performing group - The Wicked Limbs 

Step into the fantastical world of The Wicked Limbs and watch a battle unfold in the decrepit junkyard of Arcana, as a member of Esoterica arrives to fight for the Wheels of Creation. Featuring stunning feats of contortion and hand-balancing, The Wicked Limbs will have you utterly enthralled with this narrative performance.


Performing group - Spec 720

The members of Spec 720 present a club-passing act that introduces audiences to subtle differences between various forms of site swap, using coloured club patterns as visual codes, set to rhythmic music set to the passing patterns.  


Performer - Zarrius Lim 

A quirky scientist returns to his lab and notices a mysterious box nearby, discovering a "helping hand." The scientist wants to learn how to juggle, but the helping hand proves to be uncooperative at first, though eventually both parties realise they can work together to achieve their goals. Through amusing scenes, the scientist learns the importance of having a helping hand to lift us up during tough times, and that life is about adapting, handling, and balancing challenges that come our way, whether good or bad.


Performer - Lai Yee

Like a nomad wandering around the world, Lai Yee dancers with his only partner—a big metal wheel—searching for a state of flow and to find the meaning of calmness.


No tickets will be issued. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.   

Language: English
Things to Note:
Accessibility Advisory: We provide a range of access services and relaxed performances for patrons with access needs. For wheelchair-accessible seats, please call Esplanade Customer Experience at 6828 8377 for assistance. Concessions for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) and up to one accompanying companion are available. | View our accessibility guide
Artist Information


Aqeel is someone who enjoys exploring and learning new things. He has always been active and enjoyed hobbies and interests in areas such as sports. He first joined a unicycling hockey group a couple years ago and was eventually introduced to the circus community in Singapore. He picked up basic skills such as juggling and diabolo, and has been practicing on his own ever since. He hopes that this Circus Open Stage platform is one where he can show his skills and how far he has come on his own.


Eugene is a movement artist and an actor. He enjoys moving and writing, and is in his element when he moves or writes. Mime is his favourite clown character, and of late, he has been spending more time with this persona.


Eugene will be collaborating with Louise, a contemporary performance artist. Moving with other bodies, through rhythm, sound and breath is central to their practice. This year, they are collaborating with other indie creatives and creating small-scale works imbued with more risk-taking and humour. 


Bryan is a performing artist with over 19 years of experience under his belt, comprising various art forms such as wushu, dance, magic and circus. Known by his stage name Brylights, Bryan performs with a variety of circus props and combines his various artistic experiences to create routines that are hard to come by here in Singapore. Aside from stage performances, Bryan is also heavily involved with street performing, and he is commonly seen entertaining large crowds on the streets of Singapore. He has also performed at various well-known events including iLight, Singapore Night Festival and Light to Night Festival. 


Jackie's journey with the art of diabolo began in Primary 2. At 15, he followed a head coach on a tour in Malaysia. During his college education in Taiwan, he obtained a busking license, giving him the opportunity to engage with many diabolo masters in Taiwan, and also the chance to perform on several major stages. Jackie also participated in many competitions and won the Taiwan Talent Competition championship. 


Nachos is a budding juggler only two years into his practise. He hopes to explore the capabilities of his body throughout his circus journey. 


The 3 Juggleteers

Nachos, Bryan and Yan Shiang met in 2021, where they first worked together to put up a juggling item as a trio. This will be their second item together, now under the name The 3 Juggleteers. 


Chua Edward Benjamin & Ye Weimin Benjamin

Edward started learning circus arts at the age of 14. He took a special interest in circus arts when his school chose him to be part of a circus arts workshop. He has since gone full circle to become an instructor andperformer, conducting circus workshops in special and mainstream schools, as well as performing in shows. 


Ben started learning circus arts at the age of 12 when he was admitted to a home for troubled youths. This is where he took special interest in the diabolo and has continued ever since. 

The Wicked Limbs

The Wicked Limbs is a team of aspiring contortion students whom build on strength and flexibility to bend into beautiful positions and shapes. Beyond the realm of flexible limbs, the team also spices it up by introducing other genres of circus such as hand balancing, acrobatics and flow arts into their act. 

Spec 720

Di-Hong, Xin Fang and Jonathan are hobbyist jugglers who appreciate the simple joys of club passing, a collaborative form of juggling that requires patience and presence of mind.

Zarrius Lim

Zarrius Lim is a professional magician who performs for staged andclose-up acts for various events and companies. He saw a Bornfire Circus stage show a year ago and became interested in juggling. He proceeded to find online tutorials and practiced during his free time. Zarrius now seeks to fuse juggling and magic to create unique and interesting acts. 

Lai Yee

Lai Yee is a flow artist from Hong Kong. He has done a wide variety of performances including flow arts performance, LED shows and fire dance. His repertoire of circus skills includes contact juggling, cyr wheel, poi, dragon staff, and buugeng. Lai Yee has participated in numerous international flow arts festivals in Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, Australia, Nepal and Cambodia. As an experienced flow artist and traveller, he has had street and stage performances all over Asia, Europe, Oceania and South America. He has recently performed at events such as Festival d’Avignon (France), Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Scotland) Circusco Circo teatro (Peru), Clockenflap Music and Art Festival (Hong Kong), Seoul Bicycle Music Festival (Korea) and Sunway Iskandar World Class Circus Celebration (Malaysia). He is the founder of FlowSpaceStudioHK and is a champion of the Tai Kwun Circus Fest TKJ Battle 2021.

Date & Time

3 Jun 2023, Sat


Esplanade Concourse

4 Jun 2023, Sun


Esplanade Concourse

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