Jazz in July

1 – 31 Jul 2022

Jazz is Freedom. Fun. Romantic. Dirty. Classy. Chaotic. Soothing.
Jazz is Life.

Producer's Message

Dear Audience,

What is jazz to you? Do you think of a crooner singing to the tinkling of the ivories, and the patter of drum brushes? Or the velvety murmur of the saxophone? Or perhaps it brings to mind a frenetic melody, moving in complex and angular directions? 

The difficulty in pinning down what jazz is comes from the fact that it is not one single thing. Its expressions are as varied as the emotions we experience in life. It is steeped in history, yet evolves with every era. 

Possibly the longest-running annual jazz event in Singapore, Esplanade’s Jazz in July is the month when we explore the varied expressions of this music. And this year, we celebrate its 15th edition!  We are grateful for the continued support from the Singaporean jazz community, who will be bringing to our stages their diverse offerings, from breezy ballads to edgy free improvisation.

At the same time, we would also like to welcome our guests from the region and further abroad—from Brazil, Indonesia, Hungary, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and the United States. Aside from sharing their unique styles of jazz music, we look forward to the friendships and connections that will be formed through the various jams and interactions. 

We are set for an exciting 31 days of jazz performances and workshops, and hope you’ll come down to join us in this musical celebration. Regardless of your tastes and inclinations, we’re sure you’ll discover a flavour of jazz that's just right for you.

We look forward to welcoming you at Esplanade!

Tan XiangHui
The Esplanade Co Ltd

About the festival

What is jazz?

Jazz is Freedom. Fun. Romantic. Dirty. Classy. Chaotic. Soothing.

And that’s what Jazz in July is about—a flavour of jazz for everyone! Featuring a diverse range of performances and workshops suitable for the jazz lovers and those who are curious about jazz, the month-long festival digs into the freshest grooves of leading jazz cats from Singapore and abroad.

Jazz is Life.


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