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Rasas 2022: Traditional Dances of Bali

Anangun Semara Santhi (Indonesia)

13 – 16 Oct 2022

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Esplanade Concourse

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Copyright image by ©Anangun Semara Santhi Group, 2022.

Discover the rich culture of Asia’s traditional dances in the region with Rasas. This year, Rasas spotlights dance forms from two different regions of Indonesia—Bali and Aceh, presenting their diverse dance forms and cultural heritage.


Balinese dance culture incorporates ancient traditions with drama that tell stories through dance and music. There are various types of Balinese dance which are dynamic, angular and intensely expressive. The most common form of traditional music around Indonesia is gamelan, where instruments are used to create a unique sound that accompanies Balinese dance. Anangun Semara Santhi presents four dance forms from Bali, tari condong, baris tunggal, tari jauk manis and tari oleg tambulilingan.


Condong dance is a Balinese dance that is often performed as a prelude to legong and is accompanied by semar pegulingan, an older form of Balinese gamelan. This term also refers to fictional characters and classic representations of female servants, who are present in condong dances, such as the legong, gambuh, and arja dances.


Baris Tunggal dance is a dynamic dance form that is staged as folk entertainment. This dance is performed by one to two dancers and is characterised by the high-energy movements of the dancers as well as more colourful clothing.


Jauk Manis dance symbolises the figure of a king who is traveling and is characterised by a unique style of movement that is both authoritative and gentle.


Tari Oleg Tambulilingan

Oleg means ‘graceful movement’, while Tamulilingan means flower nectar sucking beetle. Thus, the Oleg Tamulilingan dance depicts the movements of a beetle, playing with a flower in a garden.


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Artist Information

Anangun Semara Santhi

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Anangun Semara Santhi Art Community formed in 2019. They are part of Sekeha Gunung Jati Teges Kanginan, a group which is 17 years old. Their experience flies mostly in performances for Hindu ceremonies. They use an older form of Balinese gamelan music, semara pagulingan, adjusted to the selendro scale.


Beyond performing for Hindu ceremonies, the group’s drummers and dancers have also attended overseas events in countries such as Japan, Singapore, Canada, Netherlands and Tehran.


The group is managed by Bali Purnati Center for the Arts.

Date & Time

13 Oct 2022, Thu


Esplanade Concourse


Esplanade Concourse

14 Oct 2022, Fri


Esplanade Concourse


Esplanade Concourse

15 Oct 2022, Sat


Esplanade Concourse


Esplanade Concourse

16 Oct 2022, Sun


Esplanade Concourse


Esplanade Concourse

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