Esplanade Presents


FULL OUT! Next Gen

Central Kpop Dance (CKD), K-East, New Revolving Age (NRA), Strictly Dance Zone (SDZ), Style Groovaz Crew (SGC), Temasek Polytechnic Dance Ensemble (TPDE)
Directed by Zaini Tahir


14 Oct 2022, Fri, 7.30pm & 9pm

15 Oct 2022, Sat, 7.30pm & 9pm

16 Oct 2022, Sun, 7.30pm & 9pm


(Intermission: None)

DBS Foundation Outdoor Theatre at Esplanade

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Central Kpop Dance (CKD)
New Revolving Age (NRA)
Strictly Dance Zone (SDZ)
Style Groovaz Crew (SGC)
Temasek Polytechnic Dance Ensemble (TPDE)
K-East (ITE College East)

Under the direction of Zaini Tahir, FULL OUT! returns with a next-gen edition which spotlights the diverse talents of street dance groups from six Singapore tertiary institutions.


Over the weekend, audiences will be treated to three different shows, with each night featuring a collaborative performance between two schools, a result of five months’ worth of preparation.


With a strong focus on process and learning, FULL OUT! Next Gen aims to encourage youth dancers to express their voices and perspectives through street dance, to challenge their preconceptions and explore how street dance can be possibly transformed through investigation and collaboration.


Production Credits
Artistic Director: Zaini Tahir
Producer and Assistant Artistic Director: Samantha Kan
Lighting Designer: Clement Cheong


Check out Culture, Community and Collaboration: A Hip Hop Perspective with Nick Power.


Mask-wearing is optional. However, audiences are encouraged to continue to exercise responsibility and caution, such as wearing masks when in crowded places. Pre-registration is required.

  1. Patrons who have registered will have priority entry to the venue.
  2. Patrons who have registered must arrive 5 mins before the start of the performance to guarantee your admission.
  3. Patrons who have registered but are not at the venue 5 mins before the start will have their seats released to walk-in patrons on a first-come, first-served basis.
  4. Limited seats are available at the door.
  5. Seating will be assigned by Esplanade’s ushers. Standing space is available for walk-ins.
  6. Patrons are encouraged to bring along a raincoat.
  7. Esplanade reserves the right to cancel or postpone the event or reduce the seating capacity of the venue, in the event of bad weather and for the safety of artists, crew and audience members.
Things to Note:
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Artist Information

Central Kpop Dance (ITE College Central)

Instagram | YouTube | TikTok | Jasmine Lee (Choreographer) | Nura Abdul Razak (Choreographer) | Aldie Wong (Choreographer)

Choreographers: Jasmine Lee, Nura Abdul Razak and Aldie Wong


Central Kpop Dance (CKD) from ITE College Central is a team of bubbly, K-pop-loving dancers who believe in having fun and exploring the various facets of the dance genre to develop creative and confident individuals. Under the guidance of Ah Lee (Jasmine Lee) from O School, they have explored the concept of K-pop dance beyond dances from music videos. They have been keeping busy during the pandemic and are eager to step beyond digital platforms and burst back onto the physical stage at Esplanade.

K-East (ITE College East)

Instagram | YouTube | Alif Aircho (Choreographer)

Choreographer: Alif Aircho


K-East stands out amongst the crowd thanks to their big, explosive dance moves. The team comprises dancers that are full of infectious energy, who hope to engage and entertain audiences with their fun-filled style. Under the artistic direction and creative choreography of their charismatic instructor, Alif Aircho, K-East emerged as the champion for Chingay Dance Competition 2021 and achieved second place in national dance competition, Super 24.

New Revolving Age (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)

Instagram | YouTube | TikTok | Facebook | Kelvin Chow (Choreographer)

Choreographer: Kelvin Chow Jun Jie
Assistant Choreographers: Darwin Azhar, Prisca Soh & Tee Kaile


NRA (New Revolving Age) is Ngee Ann Poly's very own hip hop club founded in the 2000s. Their dancers are exposed to a broad spectrum of dance genres such as hip hop, house, popping, locking, as well as street and lyrical jazz. Each dancer embodies three basic principles: hard work, commitment, and the passion for following their dreams, allowing them to achieve excellence and versatility. Through performances, competitions, and productions, NRA aims to continue bringing dance as art to engage the public while supporting the works of passion created by the students.

Strictly Dance Zone (Singapore Polytechnic)

Instagram | YouTube | AnAn (Choreographer)

Choreographer: AnAn


Strictly Dance Zone (SDZ) is a dance club from Singapore Polytechnic that was established in 2007. SDZ offers 3 main genres which are hip hop, modern and b-boy. SDZ has performed in numerous events, competitions and battles, providing opportunities for dancers to gain experiences and also bond with one another as one big family. SDZ’s mission is to form a safe and pleasant environment for the club to grow as dancers and individuals, through the support of one another, as well as to explore various dance genres no matter their level of experience.

Style Groovaz Crew (Republic Polytechnic)

Instagram | TikTok | YouTube | Syarul Haffyan Bin Hamzah (Gray) (Choreographer) | Ahmad Syafiq Bin Sulaiman (Choreographer)

Choreographers: Syarul Haffyan Bin Hamzah (Gray) and Ahmad Syafiq Bin Sulaiman


Republic Polytechnic’s Style Groovaz Crew (SGC) was formed in 2004 by students who had a passion for hip hop. The members in SGC undergo training in both hip hop and b-boy techniques. They are also exposed to other genres such as dancehall, waacking, krump, popping and locking.


SGC runs by the motto “One Crew, One Love”. The dancers hone their craft to be student choreographers, and there is a diverse body of alumni who is always forthcoming in sharing their knowledge and experience with the juniors. The crew has continuously performed in Momentum Dance Festival and MUSE Dance Concert as part of Reflections Arts Festival. The crew also organises their own dance competition, RPresenting to the Fullest, as well as dance showcase, Emergence – A Freshie Debut Showcase.


SGC has attained several achievements since its inception. In 2017, they were crowned as Champion for Super 24, a prestigious hip hop competition among the tertiary institutions in Singapore.

Temasek Polytechnic Dance Ensemble (TPDE)

Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | TikTok | Kamil (Choreographer)

Choreographer: Ahmad Kamil Bin Almahdi Al-Haj (Kamil)


Temasek Polytechnic Dance Ensemble (TPDE) is a family where dancers from all walks of life come together to ignite their passion for dance. With a constant strive for perfection in techniques, they aspire to become professional dancers who are well-exposed to various dance scenes. TPDE started out as a small team, but today, they are proudly recognised for three core genres: Modern, hip hop and b-boy. Breaking out of their comfort zones, they have begun exploring other dance genres including popping, locking and street jazz, further widening their knowledge in dance. Enthusiastic, adaptable, and diligent—TPDE walks with their dedicated instructors, hand in hand, down a never-ending journey of learning and growth.

Date & Time

14 Oct 2022, Fri


DBS Foundation Outdoor Theatre at Esplanade
K-East x Strictly Dance Zone


DBS Foundation Outdoor Theatre at Esplanade
K-East x Strictly Dance Zone

15 Oct 2022, Sat


DBS Foundation Outdoor Theatre at Esplanade
Style Groovaz Crew x Temasek Polytechnic Dance Ensemble


DBS Foundation Outdoor Theatre at Esplanade
Style Groovaz Crew x Temasek Polytechnic Dance Ensemble

16 Oct 2022, Sun


DBS Foundation Outdoor Theatre at Esplanade
Central Kpop Dance x New Revolving Age


DBS Foundation Outdoor Theatre at Esplanade
Central Kpop Dance x New Revolving Age

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