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Verge 2.0


5 Apr 2024, Fri, 8pm


(Intermission: None)

Esplanade Annexe Studio

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This session features a panel discussion of the core team members, along with the project’s key collaborators. During this discussion, panellists will reflect on pivotal discoveries made through the work and provide live demonstrations of how we've applied the technology in practice.

Verge 2.0 represents the latest iteration of an experimental project that has been evolving for over a decade, initially starting as a university project by creative technologist and project lead, James Lye. What began as a fascination with interactive sound art has matured through various stages of development, embracing multiple forms of presentation styles including interactive installations, multi-disciplinary performances, research initiatives, and now, in its current iteration, a performance-lecture.

The project's core aim has always been to explore the creative interplay between technology and human gestures. The collaboration with Dr. Amin Farid, a choreographer and dance researcher, since the early stages of this experiment in 2014, has enriched the project with invaluable insights, introducing a new dimension to the work.


There will be a 30-minute guided tour of the Performing Arts x Tech Lab Industry Sharing exhibition after the event.


Find out more about Verge at:


About the team: 

James Lye, Project Lead, Chief Technologist 
Dr Noramin Farid, Dance Researcher, Dancer 
Norisham Osman, Creative Producer, Project Manager 
Eugene Soh, Creative Technologist


Cassie Shi, Dancer 
Dalifah Shahril, Material Consultant 
Ian Pereira, Lighting Consultant 
Nessa Anwar, Script Consultant


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Language: English
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Artist Information

Dr. Noramin Farid


Dr. Noramin Farid is a choreographer, arts educator, and maritime Southeast Asian performing arts researcher. A recipient of the 2017 Singapore Youth Award and the 2018 India-ASEAN Youth Awards, Amin is the curator of an online portal, ARKITARI, which documents maritime Southeast Asian dances. He is also the current president of a dance organisation, DIAN Dancers, and the founding member of Arki-Gen, a group focused on promoting discourse and research about Southeast Asian performing arts. He holds a PhD in Theatre, Drama and Dance Studies from Royal Holloway, University of London, UK. Amin currently teaches Southeast Asian Performing Arts & Cultures at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Lasalle College of the Arts and Singapore Raffles Music College (SRMC).

Eugene Soh


Eugene Soh is a Guitarist, Singer and Songwriter mostly known for his work in the band Bakers in Space. Under his moniker PandaMachine, he also explores collaborations between electronic music, dance, poetry and emerging technology. Eugene is also the founder of Saturn Sound Studio, a multi-purpose venue for the creation of sound, music and visual projects. In Verge 2.0, he is a creative technologist and part of the core team.

James Lye


James Lye is a multifaceted artist and educator whose career spans music production, sound artistry, and technology-driven creative projects. Starting his career at 17, he has developed a diverse portfolio that includes music production across various genres, sound design for theatre, and technology-driven creative projects. As the founder of independent record label, Maker Records, James has nurtured a multitude of musicians through digital distribution, publishing, and artist management services. He is currently an associate lecturer at Republic Polytechnic. He is the co-creator of Verge, an ongoing decade-long experiment and research project which explores the convergence of dance and tech to unlock novel creative performance pursuits.

Norisham Osman


Norisham Osman, founder of The Kaizen M.D. (Multidisciplinary) Collective, shapes narratives through movement, dance, and experimental performances. With a background in traditional and contemporary dance, he respects tradition while forging new paths. Collaborating across disciplines, Norisham explores the unfamiliar within the familiar, guiding students to express their stories through movement. He believes in honouring the past while embracing innovation, recognising that true liberation comes from blending tradition with original thought. As a creative producer, director, choreographer, actor, and teacher, Norisham celebrates the human body as his medium, weaving together tradition and innovation.

Date & Time

5 Apr 2024, Fri


Esplanade Annexe Studio

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