Ha Anh Tuan (Vietnam)

11 Jun 2024, Tue, 8pm

12 Jun 2024, Wed, 8pm


(Intermission: None)

Esplanade Concert Hall

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“We all have every right to sketch our rose, our love and belief in the good beautiful things in our own ways.”
– Ha Anh Tuan


Ha Anh Tuan is one of the top singers in Vietnam whose music career has spanned over 18 years. He is widely known for his live performance brand - HA ANH TUAN LIVE CONCERT, in which 07 live music projects have been held in special locations in Vietnam, attracting hundred thousands of audiences since 2016.


HA ANH TUAN LIVE CONCERT "SKETCH A ROSE" is the biggest project to date by singer Ha Anh Tuan, which will kick off with 02 concerts on June 11 & 12, 2024 at the Esplanade Concert Hall. This marks the first time Ha Anh Tuan has ever brought his concerts outside of Vietnam.


The theme of the concerts - "SKETCH A ROSE" - is inspired by the famous script "Tin O Hoa Hong" ("Believe In The Roses") written by the late Vietnamese author Luu Quang Vu in 1982, which was adapted into a play in 1986. The story revolves around young graduates who are filled with dreams and beliefs in a better society. Despite having to face many challenges, their faith remained intact, though shattered many times, like the belief that after the storm, roses will still bloom.


The story of "SKETCH A ROSE" begins with "THE FOOL", who has a colorless rose in his hand, and a desire for freedom. Embarking on a new journey despite knowing it is full of obstacles, he finds "THE LOVERS", his love and passion in life, and like-minded companions.


One day, "the fool" takes a step back, like "THE HERMIT" - one who is solitary to delve deep into his inner world, only to be reborn from the wounds, with an open heart, like "THE STAR" sparkling in rejoice.


After traveling around "THE WORLD", experiencing all the ups and downs, "the fool" returns, becoming a new version of himself, while "THE ROSE" in his heart blossoms, as something beautiful is blooming.

Admission Age:
12 and above.
Language: Vietnamese
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Date & Time

11 Jun 2024, Tue


Esplanade Concert Hall

12 Jun 2024, Wed


Esplanade Concert Hall
Tickets & Prices
Cat 1 $320
Cat 2 $280
Cat 3 $230
Cat 4 $180
Cat 5 $150
Cat 6 $110

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