The Origins Cipher - The Unbreakable Lock of Harmonious Fundamentals

Presented by Siong Leng Musical Association

In Collaboration with Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

(Singapore, Korea)

3 Nov 2023, Fri, 8pm

1hr 15mins

(Intermission: None)

Esplanade Concert Hall

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A return to the beginning, an exploration of the unity between the World's souls; a cross-border musical journey, awakening the symphony of emotions within us all.


The Origins Cipher is a harmonious tapestry that unravels the mysteries of musical unity through a captivating journey. It's an exploration of the shared beauty hidden within cultures, nations and traditions. Through the fusion of music, storytelling and multimedia, this concert reveals the common threads in the myths of humanity, delivering a message of unity, openness and inclusiveness across time and space.


The performance will present five scenes: Heaven and Earth, Mountains and Rivers, Sun and Moon, Soil and Four Seasons. Inspired by ancient Chinese texts such as 《楚辞》 (Songs of Chu), 《千字文》 (Thousand Character Classic), Tang poetry and traditional Jeju poetry, the music seamlessly blends Nanyin and traditional Korean music performed by musicians from Siong Leng and Jeju, Korea. It will also feature a variety of instruments, including harp, strings, dizi, erhu and more, breathing new life into these ancient genres.


The stage will come to life through the use of multimedia and the use of space to reveal the hidden mysteries between the universe, mankind and nature. Join us on a journey to unlock the secrets deep in our hearts.


Presented by Siong Leng Musical Association, in collaboration with Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay.


Supported by The National Arts Council and Jeju Special Self -Governing Province, Republic of Korea.


Performance will include some use of strobe lighting and haze machine.

Admission Age:
6 and above.
Language: Minnan Dialect, Korean
Surtitle Language: English, Mandarin, Korean
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Artist Information

Siong Leng Musical Association

Siong Leng Musical Association was established in 1941 and owes its success to late chairman, Mr Teng Mah Seng. Under his guidance, Siong Leng has become an arts company that preserves and promotes Nanyin. Mr. Teng received the Cultural Medallion in 1987 due to his passion and love for Nanyin. As Siong Leng’s chairman, he continuously worked to reform and revive Nanyin. He revitalised Nanyin by writing new lyrics and music that were livelier and more relatable. With his hard work and perseverance, Nanyin was given a new life.


In 1983, Siong Leng participated in the 37th Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod and won third place in the folk solo category with Mr Teng’s work Reminiscence, and fourth place in the folk ensemble category with the traditional Nanyin piece Trotting Horse. In 2010, Siong Leng took part in the same competition and won the first prize in the folk solo category with Mr Teng’s work Facets of Life.


Siong Leng has organised the inaugural Southeast Asia Nanyin Conference in 1977, the International Nanyin Concert & Symposium in 2000, International Youth Nanyin Concert and Symposium in 2015, as well as the International Youth Nanyin Festival in 2018. To ensure that the musicians maintain close relations with other Nanyin musicians over the world and keep up with the development of Nanyin, the company actively participates in international nanyin symposiums held in Asia, to contribute to the efforts of promoting and developing the ancient artform. Siong Leng has also toured and performed in major cities and countries in Europe, Asia, and the United States of America.


In 2017, Siong Leng was the recipient of the inaugural ‘Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award’, awarded by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. In 2021, Siong Leng was awarded ‘The Stewards of Intangible Cultural Heritage Award’ by The National Heritage Board. Siong Leng is also the recipient of the National Arts Council Major Grant (2022 – 2025).


Production and Creative Team


Wang Pheck Geok

Artistic Director
Lin Shao Ling

Music Director, Composer and Arranger
Ng Kang Kee

Assistant Producer
Seow Ming Xian

Assistant Director
Seow Ming Fong

Music Arranger
Moon Hyojin (Korea, Jeju)

Music Advisor
Kim Namhoon (Korea, Jeju)

Production Manager
Tennie Su

Stage Manager
Stanley Huang

Sound Designer
Yong Rong Zhao

Lighting Designer
Gabriel Chan

Set Designer
Dorothy Png

Projection Designer
Genevieve Peck

Costume Designer
Goh Laichan

Sound Engineer
Aw Wei Zheng


Siong Leng Artists

Lim Ming Yi
Seow Ming Fong
Seow Ming Xian
Joel Chia
Jonathan Tan
Wong Hai Rong
Cheney Teh
Lin Siyao


Korea, Jeju Musicians

Boo Hyemi
Jung Yaisun
Cha Young Soo
Lee Sang Myung
Park I Nam
Oh Seungjin
Nam Cholong
Cho Wooree


Guest Musicians

Sng Yiang Shan: Percussion
Nigel Foo Shi Rong: Harp
Joanne Chan: Violin
Leon Lai Tin Long: Viola
Cao Huiying: Cello
Kuek Jia Xin: Double Bass

Date & Time

3 Nov 2023, Fri


Esplanade Concert Hall
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