Produced by the National Center for the Performing Arts of China, original children's opera 《A Story Of Growing Up》中国国家大剧院制作, 原創兒童歌劇《没头脑和不高兴》

Wang Hexiang, Zhu He, Ma Min, Hu Yue, Cheng Wenhui, Gao Xingwen, Sun Weibo, Liu Zhanlin, Cao Ruidong, Feng Haoran, Lin Jia, Zhao Xueting, Wang Qing, Chen Zhu (China)

9 Dec 2023, Sat, 7.30pm

1hr 30mins

(Intermission: None)

Singtel Waterfront Theatre at Esplanade

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Scene I: The Bad Habits of Meitounao and Bugaoxing
Meitounao and Bugaoxing have bad habits. Meitounao is so careless and forgetful; Bugaoxing is never happy about anything.


In the choir rehearsal, Bugaoxing always sings differently while everybody else is singing with scores, making the music teacher very angry. Meitounao is rummaging through all the drawers at home to look for his workbook, making a mess in the house. Those who know the two kids worry about their bad habits, “what will it be like when they grow up? How can they live their lives?” But instead of following advice, neither of them takes their bad habits seriously. They believe all their bad habits will vanish as soon as they grow up.


The alarm clock and its second hand possessing magic power witness everything the two kids have gone through. They come up with the idea of making them travel to the future.


Scene 2: The Joy of Growing Up
Meitounao and Bugaoxing wake up and find themselves grown-ups overnight. Meitounao is an architect and Bugaoxing becomes a Peking opera artist. Meitounao designs the world’s tallest building. In the blink of an eye, its construction is completed. On its top floor is located the theatre where Bugaoxing is going to portray the tiger in the upcoming Peking opera WU Song Fights the Tiger.


Scene 3: The Tallest Building in the World
Meitounao joyfully goes to the theatre to watch Bugaoxing’s performance, only to find all the audience are climbing stairs to get to the top floor. It takes such a long time to get to the theatre that audience are carrying cumbersome backpacks loaded with food. All of them look so tired and miserable. Until now he realises that he forgot to design elevators for the building. Because of his design flaws, Meitounao receives much criticism and becomes an object of ridicule.


Scene 4: The Tiger Fights Wu Song
On the stage, Bugaoxing is unwilling to follow the script which says WU Song kills the tiger with his bare hands. Instead, he decides to make the tiger a hero by defeating WU Song. He has such an intense fight that the stage setting is torn down.


Meitounao and Bugaoxing come to realise their shortcomings and hope to travel back to their childhood to get rid of their bad habits.


The alarm clock and its second hand once again use their magic power and take the two kids out of time travel. They are children again. They learn from what they have experienced and decide they will start from zero, improve themselves and live their lives with a down-to-earth philosophy.

Admission Age:
3 and above.
Language: Mandarin
Surtitle Language: English, Mandarin
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Date & Time

9 Dec 2023, Sat


Singtel Waterfront Theatre at Esplanade
Tickets & Prices
Cat 1 $78
Cat 2 $58

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