Concert Etiquette: How to enjoy your show

We present a wide range of productions and concerts, and some shows may be more relaxed, depending on what you’re watching. As a guide, look out for the following icons, displayed on marketing collateral and at the entrances to the venues.

For all shows

Any noise you make could distract the others around you from what’s happening on stage! Wait for a suitable break or the intermission to share your excitement.

Silence your mobile devices, tune in to the show

Place plastic bags and bulky items at the Baggage Cart

Is there a dress code?

You won’t ever need to fuss over what to wear. The point is to be comfortable throughout the show so that you can really enjoy yourself! It can get chilly in the venues, so bring a jacket, just in case.

Can I bring in young children?

The majority of our shows admit audience members aged six and above. Certain shows, however, admit pre-schoolers, toddlers and infants-in-arm. Do note that tickets are required for all audience members, including infants-in-arm!

Admission for all ages

Admission for ages 6 and above

Once the show has started, can I leave the venue?

Generally, no. There are shows that allow you to enter and leave as you wish. There are also shows in which re-entry is only permitted at suitable points during the show. Look out for either of these icons to be sure! Or check with one of our ushers.

After the show has started, you will only be admitted during a suitable break, if any

Re-admission is allowed at any time

Can I take photos?

Photography is generally not allowed during shows, but look out for the icon that says you can snap and share freely, without flash of course. If you’re unsure, don’t fret! This will usually be announced before the show begins. For shows that do not allow photography or recording, do keep those devices tucked away. That phone screen is brighter than you think.

Snap and share but no flash please

Please only take photos and videos before or after the show, not during

I didn’t get a chance to eat before the show, what do I do?

Generally, food and drinks are not permitted inside the venue. You can eat during the show only when you see the food-friendly icon. If you’re short on time, you can grab a bite at the foyer bars at the Concert Hall or Theatre, before the show begins or at intermission.

Enjoy your food and drink only at the foyer, not in the venue

This is a food-friendly show