Our premises are wheelchair friendly and our performance venues are also guide dog friendly. We have a host of services to make your visit as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

  • Special Seating Arrangements

    We accommodate patrons who need special seating requirements—including those with limited mobility and visually impaired patrons with guide dogs—wherever possible. However, due to the production requirements of some performances, these arrangements may not be available. We therefore recommend that patrons with special seating requirements inform our Box Office of their needs at the time of booking tickets so that arrangements can be made. You may also call our Customer Experience team at 6828 8377 from 8.30am to 10pm daily to make arrangements. Please do come early to allow for time to be seated before the performance begins.

  • Parking

    There are designated parking lots for patrons with limited mobility. These are located at both levels of the basement carpark, close to the entrances to the centre.

  • Wheelchair Loan Service

    Wheelchairs are available upon request at no cost. Please contact our Customer Service Hotline at 6828 8377 if you require the use of a wheelchair.

  • Toilet Facilities

    Our handicapped toilets can accommodate wheelchairs and they are conveniently located around the centre. Auto doors have been installed for ease of use. Just look out for the signs! If you need further assistance, please approach any of our Esplanade staff.

  • Getting around in a wheelchair

  • Transport

    There are two pick-up and drop-off points at Esplanade. If you need assistance with taxi booking, please head to the Information Counter at Mezzanine Level or contact Customer Service at 6828 8377.

Additional Accessibility Facilities

We constantly upgrade our centre's facilities to make each visit as comfortable as possible for every visitor.

  • Tactile Floor Markings

    These textured ground surfaces offer directional aid for the visually impaired. They are installed at our carpark, drop-off points and Forecourt Garden.

  • Lift Access

    There is a lift that takes patrons with limited mobility or bulk items from Esplanade Park to Esplanade's B1 carpark.

  • Hand Rails

    These provide support for elderly patrons walking up or down the wide staircases along both sides of the Concourse.

  • Backrests

    These backrests can be found along the last row of seats at the Outdoor Theatre, designed for the comfort of all patrons, especially the elderly.

Sensory-friendly Performances

As part of its PLAYtime! series of theatre productions for children, Esplanade presents sensory-friendly performances for children with special needs. The following FAQs tell you more about such shows.

  • What is a sensory-friendly performance and who is it for?

    A sensory-friendly performance provides a welcoming and relaxed environment for children who are on the autism spectrum or have sensory sensitivities. Special modifications are incorporated into the performance to make it sensory-friendly.

  • Can people who are not on the autism spectrum or without sensory sensitivities attend a sensory-friendly performance?

    A sensory-friendly performance is meant to create a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment. All individuals are welcome regardless of their sensory needs. However, changes have been made to the production and the atmosphere, and the experience might differ from a regular-setting show.

  • What sensory-friendly performances can I attend at Esplanade?

    Currently, the PLAYtime! series has dedicated performances that have been modified for children with sensory sensitivities. While modifications have been made to the PLAYtime! sensory-friendly performances, our aim is to always ensure that we maintain the integrity of the show without compromising the story and production value.

  • What makes a PLAYtime! performance sensory-friendly?

    In a sensory-friendly PLAYtime! performance, you can expect the following features that accommodate the needs of those with sensory sensitivities:

    • Brighter lights
      • No complete blackouts
      • House lights are slightly brighter at all times
    • Sounds levels adjusted
      • Sounds are kept at a consistent level
      • No surprising and loud sounds
    • Relaxed environment
      • Audience members can enter and exit the theatre space freely
    • Smaller audience capacity
      • To allow for more space and movement
    • Calming space
      • Space outside the theatre to help your child/ward calm down
      • Fidgets available for use
    • Pre-visit guide
      • A pre-visit guide is a written and visual story that helps prepare children for a new environment. It contains information about: what to expect during the visit to Esplanade, the production (pictures of characters, costumes, sets, sound clips of songs, and what to expect during the performance.
      • Pre-visit guide can be downloaded a week before the first sensory-friendly performance on the event page.
  • What if my child/ward talks or makes noise during the performance?

    PLAYtime! performances are relaxed performances and your child/ward is free to move or talk during the show within the designated seating space.

  • If my child/family member is not able to sit through the entire performance, will we be able to leave the theatre? If we decide to, will we be able to return to our seat?

    Yes, all ticket holders are allowed to move in and out of the theatre freely. If you and your child/ward want to take a break from being inside the theatre space during a PLAYtime! sensory-friendly performance, you can go to the calming space located at the Theatre Studio Foyer. There is also a screen at the foyer for you to watch the production while it is happening inside.

  • What is the recommended age for a PLAYtime! sensory-friendly production?

    A regular-setting PLAYtime! performance is created specially for children between the age of 2–6 but we welcome children of any age into a PLAYtime! sensory-friendly performance.

  • How can I buy tickets for a sensory-friendly PLAYtime! performance?

    For our weekend PLAYtime! sensory-friendly performances, you can purchase the tickets online at Esplanade.com, at the Esplanade Box Office or through SISTIC. For school bookings and enquiries on PLAYtime! sensory-friendly performances, please contact the Esplanade box office at 6828 8389 or email boxoffice@esplanade.com.

  • Can I bring cushions, headphones or fidgets that help my child/ward to stay calm?

    Yes, you can bring in and use headphones and fidgets as needed. During all PLAYtime! performances, the audience will also be seated on the floor. Your child/ward may bring along their favourite cushion to make the experience a more comfortable one.

  • Who can I contact if I want to find out more about sensory-friendly performances?

    You can write in to us at corporate@esplanade.com if you have any other enquiries.

  • What else can I attend at Esplanade that may be suitable for a person with autism?

    We are an arts centre for everyone. For visitors with sensory sensitivities such as autism, they and their caregivers can plan their visit by downloading the floor plan or finding out more about our spaces. Here are some starting points for you to explore the arts.

    Before you and an individual with autism decide to attend a ticketed performance, do check the advisory on the event detail page or write in to corporate@esplanade.com for more information about the performance. Most performances are not designed as sensory-friendly performances and may not be suitable for individuals with autism. This could be because of lighting and sound effects, the need for absolute silence during a performance, or restricted entry and exit except during designated intermissions.

    If you are attending a performance and require assistance, please approach our ushers in advance for help.

    Look out for this icon on our publicity materials or at the entrance to our performance venues to check if you may enter or leave as you wish:

  • Re-admission is allowed at any time