Concert Hall

Thank you for making a dream of mine come true – to have my very own concert in your very beautiful Concert Hall. Dick Lee, composer and musician, The Adventures of the Mad Chinaman UPSIZED, Sep 2015

The Concert Hall is Esplanade's crown jewel, which seats 1,630 and another 197 in the gallery. Chosen by Hamburg-based building data company Emporis in 2014 as one of the 15 most beautiful concert halls in the world, the hall boasts superb acoustics. It is one of only five such halls in the world with similar state-of-the-art features, which include reverberation chambers and an acoustic canopy that adapts the hall for different musical performances, producing optimum sound at every concert.

Suitable uses:

  • Orchestral and Choral concerts
  • Amplified performances
  • Seminars/ Conferences/ Product launches
  • Award ceremonies

Venue Information

Seating Plan
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Stage Plan
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Technical Brief
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