Scoring for Film, TV and Trailers

Course Run: 9 – 30 Jan 2024
(Closing date for registration: 09 Jan 2024)
2pm – 6pm
Venue: Esplanade Theatres On The Bay
Course Fees - Before GST: $350.00
Course Fees - After GST: $378.00

This intensive and in-depth masterclass for intermediate to advanced musicians will cover different strategies and concepts to help the modern composer excel in whatever medium you write for.

Some of the topics covered include how to run a film spotting session, creating thematic music, exploring aleatoric or modal music, understanding film trailer format, incorporating sound effects to your trailer music, adding live elements to your score and practical considerations when writing for music libraries.

Participants will also learn about the different sections of the orchestra and how to write convincing and realistic orchestral music using sample libraries. Participants will be assigned weekly coursework.

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