80by80 was a group exhibition that featured the works of 38 Singapore artists who have journeyed with Esplanade over our first 15 years. The exhibition took place at the Esplanade Tunnel from 13 Oct 2017 – 3 Jan 2018. 

The artists were invited to each create a unique artwork within a wooden frame measuring 80cm x 80cm. The result is a rare and multifarious collection of works that reflects the distinctive style of Singapore artists which was put up for online public auction to raise funds for Esplanade’s free programmes, including our visual arts presentations. 

This was Esplanade’s first public auction, and it took place online from 19 Oct – 19 Nov 2017. This online public auction kickstarted Esplanade’s yearlong 15th anniversary celebrations. 

By the end of the public auction, over $40,000 was raised, going a long way towards Esplanade’s efforts to do even more for our artists and audiences.