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Community Engagement Programmes

We’ve witnessed how the arts can help build confidence, heal broken spirits and bring people closer.

Every year, with donors and supporters, we work closely with artists and voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs), to bring meaningful arts experiences to over 10,000 beneficiaries in Singapore. These include seniors, children, youth and those with special needs.

Your contribution will help more beneficiaries from various VWOs who will enjoy a hosted visit to a performance at Esplanade, as well as creative workshops conducted by artists.

The workshops allowed the girls to work as a team and to build their inter-personal skills… they learnt to persevere… no matter how uncomfortable or uninteresting the situation may be sometimes. In the past, speaking in public has been a struggle for the girls. Through this, they have built the confidence to express themselves through other means. Nurmy Ibrahim, Assistant Manager, Learning Centre of Singapore Girls' Home, 2011– 2012

We facilitate programmes for individual donors or corporate entities that are keen to engage with VWOs, to provide opportunities for beneficiaries to learn a skill, to bond, to develop confidence and share the joy that the arts brings.

Programme Types

1. Single Session

Donation Programme Details
S$2,500 & above
  • 20 beneficiaries from a VWO are invited to a hosted visit to Esplanade, where the highlight is attending a ticketed arts performance.
  • Transport to and from their respective organisations will be provided.
  • Beneficiaries will also receive a memento to remember their visit by.
  • 20 beneficiaries from a VWO will have the opportunity to participate in a two- to three-hour arts-related activity or workshop, where they will learn how to create an artwork.
  • An arts instructor will go to their respective organisations to conduct the activity.
  • Besides the chance to keep their artwork, selected artworks are exhibited at Esplanade as part of our visual arts installations.
  • The arts experience is completed with a hosted visit to Esplanade where beneficiaries attend a performance, and even see their artworks on display.
  • Transport to and from their respective organisations will be provided.

2. Flagship Projects

Lasting two to four months each, these projects are customised for VWOs that are keen to incorporate an arts-related activity into their regular curriculum for beneficiaries. These projects are facilitated by artists, professional therapists or social workers.

Programme Type Donation Programme Details
Footwork for Community
  • 15 to 20 participants engage in an arts experience that promotes teamwork, develops discipline and enhances social interaction skills.
  • A social worker will conduct one-on-one counselling sessions with participants in this holistic programme.
  • This programme includes a session in Esplanade's Rehearsal Studio and culminates in a performance at the VWO's centre.
  • Recommended for youth
Sing out Loud! – Show A-Capella
  • 15 to 20 participants experience the arts through singing without musical instruments, complemented with simple dance steps.
  • Participants learn vocal techniques, improve cognitive functions and self-esteem in a social group setting.
  • This programme is tailored to different levels of physical mobility.
  • Recommended for seniors as it promotes active ageing through dance and creative movement to restore self-confidence.
Our elderly benefit greatly from these workshops. As most of them did not attend school, such workshops often bring out the best in them as it allows them to discover their hidden talents and abilities. It is certainly a big boost to their self-esteem. Alice Lim-Tay, Programme Coordinator, Singapore Baptist Convention – Baptist Golden Age Home, Aug 2012

Past Engagement Programmes

Nurturing an appreciation for the arts in children

No Signboard Seafood donated to give children a chance to enjoy Esplanade's ticketed programmes. The Managing Director of the seafood restaurant chain believes that art has an important part to play in our lives, and that experiencing the arts from a young age at Esplanade enables them to better appreciate the arts.

Giving youth-at-risk a chance to dance

Aviva's Chance to Dance is a sponsored dance project for youth as part of Esplanade's Footwork for Community programme in 2013 and 2014. A group of secondary school students were selected and they learnt hip hop dance over a period of four months. The project used dance as a tool to provide an opportunity for youth-at-risk to build their self-esteem through creative expression. This helps in their overall development in becoming well-adjusted and resilient adults. Also fundamental to the dance project is the learning of intrinsic values such as respect, commitment and teamwork. The project involved a social worker who tracked and measured the outcomes of each young participant.

Getting creative with the older folks

A group of seniors experienced an afternoon of creativity during Esplanade's Moonfest – A Mid Autumn Celebration. This workshop, courtesy of a generous donor, took place at the Kheng Chiu Loke Tin Kee Home. Esplanade facilitated the workshop with artists who taught seniors the art of lantern-making. The session brought a sense of nostalgia to the seniors and gave them the opportunity for creative expression. Each participant got to keep their own handmade lanterns, as a beautiful and meaningful souvenir.

Beneficiaries whom we have touched

We have engaged with over 100 VWOs, but we are always looking for new VWOs and beneficiaries to bring the arts to.

  • Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centres (Sengkang BASIC)
  • Beyond Social Services
  • Care Corner Child Development Centre
  • Care Corner Student Care Centre
  • Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC)
  • Darul Ihsan Orphanage
  • Daybreak Student Care Centre
  • En Community Services Society
  • Fei Yue Early Intervention Centre For Children
  • Fei Yue Student Care Centre
  • HELP Family Service Centre
  • Hougang Sheng Hong Student Care Centre
  • Joy Connection Student Care Centre
  • Mendaki
  • Methodist Children and Youth Centre (MCYC) Community Services Society
  • Moral Student Care
  • Muhammadiyah Welfare Home
  • Persatuan Pemudi Islam Singapura (PPIS) Child Development Centre
  • Persatuan Pemudi Islam Singapura (PPIS) Student Care Centre
  • Ramakrishnan Mission Boys Home
  • SBL Vision Family Service Centre – Student Care Centres
  • Student Care Services (Hougang)
  • Waterfalls Student Care Centre
  • Whispering Hearts Infant & Child Care Centre
  • Whispering Hearts Student Care Centre
  • 3-in-1 Family Centre – Aged Care
  • Ain Society
  • Ang Mo Kio Family Services Centre (COMNET Senior Services)
  • Asian Women's Welfare Association (AWWA) Seniors Activity Centre
  • Bukit Batok Home for the Aged
  • Care Corner Seniors Activity Centre
  • Care Community Services Society - CARElderly Seniors Activity Centre
  • Evergreen Circle Senior Activity Centre
  • Fei Yue Senior Activity Centre
  • Geylang East Home for the Aged
  • Indus Moral Care
  • Jamiyah Home for the Aged
  • Jia Ying Senior Activity Centre
  • Kampong Kapor Family Service Centre
  • Kembangan-Chai Chee Senior Activity Centre
  • Kheng Chiu Loke Tin Kee Home
  • Lions Befrienders Seniors Activity Centre
  • Moral Neighbourhood Link
  • Moral Senior Activity Centre
  • Muslim Kidney Action Association
  • New Horizon Centre
  • NTUC SilverACE
  • O'Joy Care Services
  • Peace Connect Seniors Activity Centre
  • Pertapis Senior Citizens' Home
  • PPIS Family Service Centre
  • Sarah Seniors Activity Centre
  • Singapore Baptist Convention – Baptist Golden Age Home
  • Tembusu Seniors Activity Centre
  • Thong Kheng Senior Activity Centre
  • Thong Teck Home
  • Thye Hwa Kuan Moral Charities
  • WiCare Support Group
  • Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)
  • Yong En Care Centre
  • Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centres (Youth Infinity)
  • Boys Town
  • Clubilya
  • Pertapis Centre for Women and Girls
  • Singapore Boys Hostel
  • Singapore Children's Society Youth Centre
Mental Health Beneficiaries
  • Blue Cross Thong Kheng Home
  • Community Rehabilitation and Support Service
  • Hougang Care Centre
  • Institute of Mental Health
Special Needs Beneficiaries
  • Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) – Delta Senior School

If you would like more information, please contact us at 6828 8321 or email donations@esplanade.com.

Adopt a Tree, Mark a Bench

Esplanade is a not-for-profit arts centre and your donation helps us to maintain our Forecourt Garden, our greenest space, which is also a great nature-filled environment for outdoor arts performances. Our garden has five different types of indigenous trees and 26 species of shrubs and plants, three water features and 32 benches.

Adopting a tree ($8,000) or bench ($3,000) is the perfect opportunity for you, as an individual or a group, to honour a loved one or commemorate a special occasion. Have your message engraved on a personalised plaque that we’ll attach onto the tree or bench of your choice.

Your support will help us to grow a healthy ecosystem in our garden and create a lush, green oasis in the heart of the arts and cultural civic district. Contact us if you'd like to be a part of our efforts towards making the centre a greener space.

Lim Ewe Leong
Head, Relationship Management
Tel: 6828 8321
Email: donations@esplanade.com

Interested? Find out more about our Forecourt Garden

Naming Rights

We offer naming rights opportunities here at Esplanade. Contact us if you'd like to find out more.

Lim Ewe Leong
Head, Relationship Management
Tel: 6828 8321
Email: donations@esplanade.com

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