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Esplanade is a not-for-profit arts centre*. We are guided by our social motivations, to entertain, engage, educate and inspire our communities through the arts. We sincerely believe that a unique arts experience should be something that everyone can enjoy.

Since we opened in 2002, we have reached out to over 16.5 million audiences, offering something for everyone ranging from music, dance and theatre to visual arts. And 70% of our shows offer free admission into our performance venues, making the arts at Esplanade accessible to all.

That's not all that we do. We bring the arts closer to underprivileged communities through engagement efforts, which includes workshops or other activities carried out at their respective centres. We have touched the lives of close to 5,500 beneficiaries from over 100 voluntary welfare organisations in Singapore.

We are grateful to all our sponsors and donors, for their tremendous support that has been critical to our work and success.

We believe that an experience with the arts is special and that with your generous support, more people will get a chance to enjoy the arts. At Esplanade, we have a wide range of donor or sponsor programmes available, which can be customised to your requests.

*Esplanade is a charity and an Institution of a Public Character.

We are very interested in helping promising young arts talents attain useful skills through training and development. As part of their efforts to sustain and cultivate an interest in the arts, Esplanade also has arts education and training programmes. Besides the continued exposure and availability of platforms, this is something that we feel will equip young artists with a more comprehensive perspective and way of thinking. NG Chanrai, Chief Executive Officer of the Kewalram Chanrai Group, donor