Kalaa Utsavam Dance Stage – Open Call

Kalaa Utsavam Dance Stage aims to discover promising talents of various kinds of dance forms, namely:

  • Indian classical dance such as bharatanatyam, kathak, odissi, mohiniyattam & kuchipudi

  • Semi-classical or fusion dance

  • Indian folk dance such as garba, karagam, kummi, kolattam, bhangra, among others


The open call encompasses compulsory mentorship sessions prior to final performance, with established local dancers and choreographers, Ponnamma Devaiah and Sreedevy Sivarajasingam.


The open call is for ensemble work comprising a minimum of three dancers and maximum of six dancers for classical and semi-classical ensembles, and a minimum of four dancers and maximum of ten dancers for folk dance ensembles. Selected groups will have the opportunity to present a 15-minute performance based on any Indian classical, semi-classical or folk-dance forms at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre between 18 – 20 Nov 2022 during Kalaa Utsavam – Indian Festival of Arts 2022. Technical support will be provided at the venue.

5 Aug 2022

Open Call starts

29 Aug 2022, 9am

Open Call closes

Early Sep 2022

Selected groups will be notified

Between 19 – 25 Sep 2022

1st session with mentors

(One 45mins session)

Between 17 – 23 Oct 2022

2nd session with mentors

(One 45mins session)

Between 7 – 13 Nov 2022

3rd session with mentors

(One 45mins session)

16 & 17 Nov 2022


18 – 20 Nov 2022

Dance Stage Live Performance


Sessions with mentors will be held at:
Studio Epitome
70B Race Course Rd
Singapore 218572 


Rehearsal and Dance Stage Live Performance will be held at Esplanade Outdoor Theatre.


Do note that full attendance for all sessions and Kalaa Utsavam 2022 is compulsory.

  1. Participants aged 18 – 36 years old residing in Singapore, with at least seven years of training in classical or semi-classical dance forms OR minimum two years of performing experiences for folk dance groups.

  2. Entries should have a minimum of three dancers and maximum six dancers for classical and semi-classical ensembles, or a minimum of four dancers and maximum ten dancers for folk dance.

  1. Submission of video entries will begin on 5 Aug 2022, Fri, and close on
    29 Aug 2022, Mon, 9am. Submissions received after 29 Aug 2022, 9am will not be considered.

  2. Please upload and submit your video link entries through one of the following platforms: YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive or Dropbox.

  3. Representatives of the groups will be notified via email on 6 Sep 2022, Tue. This representative must confirm the group’s participation by 9 Sep 2022, Fri, 12pm.

  4. The final list of selected ensembles for Kalaa Utsavam Dance Stage will be announced on Kalaa Utsavam’s Facebook page on 10 Sep 2022, Fri. The ensembles will also receive an email informing them of the exact date and time of the performance as well as other relevant details.

  5. Esplanade reserves the right to amend the rules and guidelines pertaining to the audition and/or submission of entries without prior notice.

  1. Shortlisted dance ensembles will present their 15-minute performance in the slots allocated by Esplanade between 18 – 20 Nov 2022. They are also required to attend a mandatory sound check.

  2. Each ensemble must prepare and perform a 15-minute routine set to recorded music appropriate for their selected dance styles. Each performance should not exceed 15 minutes in duration (inclusive of announcements).

  3. It is compulsory for each ensemble to complete three sessions of 45 minutes each with mentors prior to the performance(s). These sessions will take place from 19 – 25 Sep, 17 – 23 Oct and 7 – 13 Nov 2022. The final schedule and allocation of sessions will be advised. Please keep yourselves available during this period.

  4. All recorded music and audio materials for the performance must be submitted by 28 Oct 2022, Fri. Any use of vulgar, sexually explicit, obscene, violent, or otherwise offensive language is strictly prohibited. All performances are subject to review and final approval by Esplanade.

  5. All recorded music and/or audio materials for the performance must be provided by selected participants in a pre-approved digital format (MP3, M4A, AAC, WAV, FLAC or AIFF) no bigger than 30 MB in file size and stored on a FAT16- or FAT32-formatted USB flash drive or portable hard disk on the day of the performance. All audio materials must be DRM free. Selected participants are advised to bring back-up files. A technical crew comprising a sound engineer will be on site to assist with any requirements.

  1. All ensemble participants must present themselves at the venue 30 mins before their time of soundcheck. Lateness may result in the performance being withdrawn from the event.

  2. The dance ensembles are responsible for making all necessary arrangements to inform their employers, educational institutes or any other relevant party and securing their permission if required before confirming their participation in this event.

  3. All participants must dress in appropriate costume for their chosen dance styles. All costumes must be age appropriate, and all routines presented on stage must be appropriate for public viewing.

  4. All participants are expected to observe proper, sportsmanlike behaviours. Any offensive, obscene, abusive, and/or violent behaviours including but not limited to actions causing damage to equipment or property or the use of illegal drugs and substances will not be tolerated by Esplanade. No consumption of alcoholic beverages by selected participants is allowed during the event. Any violation will result in immediate withdrawal of the performance and the participant(s) will be escorted from the premises.

  5. An honorarium of S$200 will be paid to each dance ensemble for the 15-min performance.

  6. Participants will be held liable for any loss or damages to equipment and/or property provided by Esplanade.

  7. All participants must observe the safe-distancing measures set out by Ministry of Health (MOH) at all times.

  1. All participants consent to have the use of their names, voices, likenesses, audio and visual materials including but not limited to photographs by Esplanade and its sponsors and/or partners for purposes of publicity, broadcasting, advertising and or trade without any compensation or prior notice.

  2. All participants consent to take part in promotional activities, including but not limited to media interviews, promotional appearances and events arranged by Esplanade and its sponsors and/or partners or publicity and/or promotional purposes for which no additional fees shall be paid.

  3. All performances will be filmed and broadcasted on platforms or channels owned or operated by Esplanade, who reserves the right to use the footages in part or in whole for promotions and other non-commercial purposes.

  4. Esplanade reserves the right to amend the open call rules and guidelines without prior notice, including the cancellation of the event due to lack of registration, inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Esplanade also reserves the right to change an event's location, venue and/or dates. The company will not be held responsible for any costs, loss or damages involved in this change, including but not limited to transportation costs, and is not responsible for any personal injury/property loss before, during or after the event.

  5. The decisions of Esplanade in all matters relating to the event shall be final. No reasons shall be given for the acceptance or rejection of any submission and no correspondence there on will be entertained. By performing in this event, selected participants agree to abide by all rules, regulations, terms and conditions, and decisions made by the company.


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