Having been interested in dance more than any other art form, I count myself lucky to have had the opportunity to intern in the Theatre and Dance department. Through that, I saw the direction and growth that the dance industry is taking and undergoing respectively. Weekly department meetings were in-depth and comprehensive; I got to watch numerous videos clips and hear discussions about art forms I would have never have gotten in contact with if not for this internship.

The result was that I gained a different perspective, not just in dance but the local arts scene in general. It taught me that my love for the arts is beyond dance. I have to admit the bias will always be there, but I've found a new appreciation for the arts in general and am excited for its growth as an industry in Singapore.

My favourite part of the internship had to be getting involved in photo shoots. I had never done photo shoots before, so it was eye-opening for me to be part of the team behind-the-scenes. I was encouraged to share these behind-the-scenes snapshots on our Facebook pages, so that people could get a sneak peek into the work that the team does. I feel so privileged to have met artists as well, through these shoots.

Apart from exposure to the arts and a better understanding of what goes on behind-the-scenes for each programme organised by Esplanade, I think the most valuable takeaway is an understanding of the type of employee that I would like to be in the near future and the office and team culture that I would enjoy being a part of. Intern: Kimberly Cheng
Department: Programming (Theatre and Dance)
Duration: Dec 2014 to Feb 2015

Photo by Photography+

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