Technical Theatre Foundation Course

A successful stage production is not merely what the performers do on stage. What happens out of the audience's view and how all the different parts come together seamlessly is just as important. Making this happen is no easy task and the production team has the responsibility for this.
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Venue: Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay
Course Fees - Before GST: $250.00
Course Fees - After GST: $267.50

This foundation series is aimed at helping technicians upgrade their skills and theatre students gain a deeper insight into technical theatre. It provides them with the basics needed to work in professional theatre.

The different aspects of technical theatre will be covered in four modules.

Module 1: Introduction to Technical Theatre
Module 2: Fundamentals of Stage Management

Each module will be conducted over 5 sessions in the evenings (6.30pm to 10pm) and each session is 3.5 hours. Module 1 is compulsory and must be completed before attending Module 2. Participants who have completed Module 1 may proceed to register for Module 2.


Who should attend?

Technical personnel in the theatre industry, students of theatre and technicians of other industries.


Course Objective

Develop a comprehensive understanding and practical knowledge of what goes on behind the stage in theatre productions.


Course Attendance

Participants who signed up for the course must attain at least 75% attendance to receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the course.
Please refer to the registration page for full terms and conditions.


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