Media Composing Workshop

This two-day workshop for individuals with an interest in the music industry will provide participants with guidelines and practical solutions on topics including composers’ intellectual rights, how to monetise one’s music creations and basic music recording techniques.

Course Run: 6 & 7 Nov 2023

(Closing date for registration: 15 October 2023)


Time: 10.00am – 5.30pm

Venue: Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, The Bay Room

Course Fees - Before GST: $300.00
Course Fees - After GST: $324.00
  • How do I monetise my music creations?

  • Why does my music sound so different from what I hear on the radio?

  • What rights do I have as a composer?


This two-day workshop for individuals with an interest in the music industry will provide guidelines and practical solutions to questions such as these.


It will focus mainly on common contracts that a music composer may come across. Participants will gain an understanding of the functions of performing rights societies and learn how to manage and leverage on their intellectual rights to build up their residual income.


The workshop will also look at basic recording techniques and ways to improve a home studio set-up. Participants will also learn about the factors to consider when investing in music gear or libraries, in order to produce high quality audio works.


About the facilitator

Kavin Hoo is an award-winning composer with decades of international experience writing for a variety of long form and short form media content. In 2022 at the World Music Festival in Hamburg, Kavin & the creative team at IFA media won the “Magic Waves” Special Award for best original music for the TV mini-series “My Mini Me & Me”. He has extensive experience working with music publishing houses, including Universal, Elias Arts, Megatrax & Gothic Storm. With these publishing partners, he has more than 1200+ music titles in circulation and being placed internationally.


Who should attend?

This workshop is open to everyone with an interest in the music industry, such as production company personnel, musicians, directors and more.

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