Demonstrate Understanding of Basic Lighting Operations

In this 4-day training programme, participants will learn the theory and practice in relation to working behind the stage in the arts or entertainment industry.
An image of a lady operating the lighting controls at Esplanade Outdoor Theatre.

Course Run: 5 – 8 Aug 2024

(Closing date for registration: 9 Jul 2024)

Course Run: 9 – 12 Dec 2024

(Closing date for registration: 7 Nov 2024)

Course Run: 24 – 27 Feb 2025

(Closing date for registration: 24 Jan 2025)


9.30am – 6pm

Venue: Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay
Course Fees - Before GST: $950.00
Course Fees - After GST: $1,035.50


This course is eligible for course fee subsidy and training allowance supported by National Arts Council.


This programme aims to equip the participant with the required skills and knowledge for basic lighting operations.



  • The history of stage lighting

  • Functions of lighting

  • Types of lighting equipment

  • Tungsten VS LED

  • Basic lighting documentation such as lighting plan/plot and basic console patching

  • Prepare lighting equipment, accessories and cables for rigging

  • Rig and de-rig lighting equipment, accessories and etc


Who should attend?

Theatre Technicians or individuals who have an interest to work in technical theatre and or related industries.

*All participants are required to wear safety shoes during the training programme



Participants will be awarded a Certificate of Participation for Demonstrate Understanding of Basic Lighting Operations when they successfully complete the course and assessment.


Terms and Conditions

Participants need to fulfil the following requirements to attain certification:

  • Must successfully complete training and assessment
  • Meet the minimum of 75% attendance



This Esplanade Academy programme is eligible for course fee subsidy and training allowance, supported by the National Arts Council.

Individuals : 70% course fee subsidy

Individuals (Self-Employed Person)* : 90% course fee subsidy and training allowance of $10 per hour

Organisations (Non-Profit) : 70% course fee subsidy

Organisations (For Profit) : 50% course fee subsidy


*Individuals engaged for work under a contract for service (full-time employee contract) will be eligible for 70% course fee subsidy only.
*Proof of self-employed status required: Copy of latest IRAS Notice of Assessment or Consolidated Statement of Income, and CPF Contribution History from the past six months or CPF Transaction History for the past six months

Individuals who are Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents (PR) working in the Singapore arts industry.


To apply for course fee subsidy, you must:


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