We accept applications from early-career directors who meet the following criteria:

  • Ages 35 and under.
  • Identify directing theatre productions as their primary practice.
  • Have prior experience in directing, of up to five years.
    • Examples of prior experience include directing and staging their own works and/or performing the role of an Assistant Director.

For TRIP, an early-career director is someone who is 35 years old and under and has prior experience in directing and staging their own theatre productions and/or working as an Assistant Director, of up to five years.

We will only accept one proposal per applicant.

You will be evaluated in the following areas:

  • Idea
    Idea is creative and thought-provoking. It should present a well-articulated vision that reflects your artistic practice.

  • Proposal
    Proposal is well-considered, thoughtful and coherent. It should capture your thought process and demonstrate a clear explanation for the approach you would like to take.

  • Feasibility
    Proposal is of a scope and scale that can likely be executed within the parameters listed above. It should demonstrate a grounded understanding of the reality of developing and staging a work.

Examples of past work include:

  • Production photographs.
  • Archival videos (preferred).
  • Reviews.


Examples of future work include:

  • A proposal on a work that you would like to stage (two to three pages maximum).
    • This proposal will be considered for presentation in the second year of the programme. It should contain your artist statement, a synopsis of the work, information about the work and how you plan to approach or treat it, a proposed cast list and creative team.
    • Your proposal should be for a black box-sized work and a maximum cast of four actors.


All documents, attachments and/or links, including the Biography and CV, should be uploaded to a cloud storage platform with only one link.

Yes. In the case of using existing works, you need to ensure that such use does not infringe on the rights of any third party and be responsible for securing any third-party rights to material that is not original to you or not in the public domain.

The working language of TRIP is English, therefore all information in the application form and supporting documents must be in English, and translations are required for non-English text. The proposed work should also be predominantly in English.

As this is a commissioning programme, we ask that directors agree to premiere their commissioned works at TRIP.

All productions under TRIP will be presented in the Esplanade Theatre Studio.

Sep 2022

Introduction to the Programme

Oct 2022 – Jan 2023 

Explorations, workshops and meetings with Creative and Technical teams

Feb – Mar 2023 

Rehearsals for Year 1 Productions

27 Mar – 9 Apr 2023 

Presentation of Year 1 Productions

End Apr 2023 

Feedback and Debrief

May – Jun 2023 

Planning for Year 2 Productions

Jun 2023 – Jan 2024

Explorations, workshops and meetings with Creative and Technical teams

Feb – Mar 2024 

Rehearsals for Year 2 Productions

8 – 21 Apr 2024

Presentation of Year 2 Productions 

End Apr 2024 Feedback and Debrief

Over the course of TRIP, each production will be developed, designed and produced in collaboration with Esplanade and the Creative and Technical Teams, with support from the Resource Panel. You should expect your project to change and evolve through this collaborative process. We expect you to dream big (yet feasibly), and it will be up to our collaborative efforts to adapt your vision to the space, time and resources available for each production.


Esplanade’s Programming and Technical Production teams as well as the Creative and Technical teams will work closely with each director throughout the production’s development.

We provide professional photography and simple video documentation of all works. Part of our support to artists is to provide these assets for non-commercial use, with the inclusion of the photographer/videographer’s credit line and a courtesy line for the Esplanade.

All applicants will be notified of the results by September 2022.

For general questions about TRIP or application materials, please email thestudios@esplanade.com.

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