Esplanade Presents | Voices – A Festival of Song 2017


Barbershop Singing

The Guys of Vokatones (Singapore)
8 & 10 Dec 2017Fri & Sun
8 Dec 2017 : 8.30pm
10 Dec 2017 : 6.45pm
8 Dec 2017 : 8.30pm
10 Dec 2017 : 6.45pm
Pop Up Stage (Barossa)

Barbershop music is a style of vocal harmony that has its origins rooted in the US during the early years of the 20th Century. There's no one better then than four twenty-something young men from Singapore to introduce you to this vintage genre of music! These hostelmates from NUS' Kent Ridge Hall will showcase barbershop staples alongside timeless hits redone in barbershop style.

General Advisory

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