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Deanna Ng and Chua Chye Teck (Singapore)
14 Apr – 1 Jul 2018
All day
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Jendela (Visual Arts Space)


Singapore has been undergoing urban development since the 1960s. The relentless changes that come with rapid nation-building and urban development have forced us to constantly adapt to new environments. What may be left of spaces that have been developed over time are only fragmented memories and incomplete photo documentation. Singapore artists Deanna Ng and Chua Chye Teck attempt to capture these fleeting landscapes by revisiting places from their memories and documenting the process of development over long stretches of time. Through their individual projects, they examine the high level of adaptability that most individuals in Singapore possess, the way the meaning of a place changes frequently in an urban city like Singapore, and how spaces are often rendered into a state of being brand new again, awaiting the creation of a new meaning in the next redevelopment.

Image, Memory and Site : The Works of Deanna Ng and Chua Chye Teck
Artist talk with Cheng Jia Yun and Selene Yap (Singapore)
19 May 2018, Sat
3 – 4pm
Jendela (Visual Arts Space)

About Cheng Jia Yun and Selene Yap
Cheng is an assistant curator at the National Gallery Singapore, where her research focuses on institutional histories, site and art in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Yap works as a researcher on cities and urbanisation at the Singapore University of Technology and Design.

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